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Digital Playground’s Newest Contract Girl ?

A Smut filled little Birdy Mutant told me that Digital Playground’s newest about to be signed contract girl is … ( drum roll please)  HEATHER STARLET! No I never heard of her either. She’s pretty new, but very nasty!  Right now we have to consider this a rumor…

Not what I expect from Digital Playground, in a good way. She’s a big girl at 5’7, 130, with a couple piercings and a couple tiny tatts.

She is eager to fuck anyone, anywhere and showed it with her appearance at the Fuck-a-fan booth at the AVN Expo.

Many of the pictures I found of her on the web had her kissing Porno Dan, or him licking her ass. This shows she’s not picky!

There is even a picture  on her website which she has titled “Finger-Fucked by a stranger”

She has an ample ass, thick waist and natural boobs. She’s definitely the midwestern type like Alexis Texas and Bree Olson.

I’ve already heard that DP is changing her name, lets hope that they don’t ruin her by having her lose 20 pounds and get a huge pair of bolt-ons!

Here’s what she looks like now-


You can see more pics at her site and her agents site-

THanks for the tip SM  ?

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