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Dion Giarrusso Exclusive Interview on Filly Films

 Dion Filly Films Interview by Jon of

NL-Very eye catching and identifiable style. You will be able to spot Filly Films Boxes in the crowd.


1 You started Combat Zone at a time of economic depression and made itthrive. Was it an easy decision to take up a similar challenge in what isprobably a worse time for the adult industry?
Actually in 2006 when I started combat zone, the adult industry was still thriving.  Now on the other hand, Filly Films was started during the
economic depression.  Its definitely a challenge, but I’m a firm believer that no matter how bad the economy is, or how many people are illegally
watching our product for free there’s always room for something better.Although we’re not proud of some of our earlier releases for filly films, we
feel that we are now headed in the right direction with directors like Dana Vespoli, and Lily Cade.

2 How did you choose the name Filly Films? What were some of the alternatives you rejected?
I’m a big fan of Thoroughbred Racing and if you love horse racing you know that a filly is a young female horse. No other  names came to mind.

3 Mile High Media, Digital Playground and Elegant Angel all now have their  lesbian erotica brand. What attracted you to the genre?
I’ve been a porn producer since 1997, and I feel as a content provider my job is to produce the hottest current niches. Good lesbian porn, shot right
seems to be the right niche at this moment. We are also taking advantage of the girl movement.  I have a bisexual production manager who’s 26 and really
does only watch lesbian porn, Rebekah. Rebekah’s vision plays a big part on how Filly Films is ran.

4 Girlfriends Films is the American founder of this genre. Which of their series have you seen and which do you like?
I have never watched a girlfriends films movie. Its obvious G.F. Films are the leaders of the lesbian genre, and we’re very  happy for them, but we’re
doing our thing. We do have a lot of G.F. Films pink pens and we love them, I want to thank Moose for giving them to me.

5 Forums are important to you. Were you surprised at how demanding fans of lesbian erotica are?
I was very surprised.  I cant believe how many emails I receive daily.  I love the input I’m getting from the lesbian fans, they are like no other fans. We especially learned a lot from

6 You very honestly admitted that you made some mistakes in the early days. Can you tell us what they were ? Where are you now on your learning curve?

Not putting the right girls together. It is really important that you put girls together that really want to be with girls. We have learned a lot from talking to the fans and the girls themselves.  We always invite them to come talk to us, or we tweet with them, or communicate via email.  The girls have provided us with valuable feedback.

7 Why are Dana Vespoli, Lily Cade and Tanya Tate special to you as directors?
Plain and simple, they get it.

8 Which new directors can we look forward to? I believe Sinn Sage is on the list.

9 You’ve managed to get some top name performers such as Celeste Starrworking with you. Which girls are you looking forward to working with and why?
Celeste Star and Sinn Sage, its pretty obvious there are no better lesbiansin the business.  Their energy supersedes all others. They are in a leagueof their own. Dani Daniels is just the most beautiful thing to look at in person and on video.   Really though, we love all the real girls that love girls.

10 It’s reckoned that at least 90% of the performers working in girl girl are gay for pay. Trying to find real lesbians must be much harder than finding bisexuals. How is your search going?

We are always on the search via the boards, word of mouth, and twitter.  We wont just book a girl by seeing her photos, we need to meet anyone we cast in our movies in person because we are trying to weed out the gay for pay girls. We made this mistake in our earlier days and we wont let it happen again. We want true girls who like eating out other girls who like being eaten out by girls. 

11 What for you are the main elements of a quality scene?
Pretty girls. Good lead ups. Great seduction. Great chemistry. And a conclusion to the scene.

12 Lesbian Ass Worship and hard Working Girls have had good reviews.  Which titles are you most proud of so far and why?
Dana Vespoli’s Lesbian Ass Worship, because Dana Vespoli did a great job with all the elements we’re looking for. Lily Cade’s Hard Working Girls,
because remember these are challenging times, and with the budgets we’re working with, these girls are managing to get us what we need.

13 What new title can we look forward to?
Tanya Tate’s “The MILF Masseuse” – Release date: November 14, 2011

Salt And Pepper – Release date: To Be Announced

Lesbian Stepsisters – Release date: To Be Announced

Seduced By Mommy #3 – Release date: To Be Announced

Lesbian Ass Worship #2 – Release date: To Be Announced

Lily Cade’s “Nerd Movie” – Release date: To Be Announced

Dani Daniels’ “The Yoga Instructor” – Release date: To Be Announced

Dana Vespoli’s “Lesbian Boob Worship” – Release date: To Be Announced

14 Can you tell us about your new membership site?

We feel honored that BrainCash was willing to take us on, and we cant wait to launch in a few weeks. We’ll be tweeting and blogging about it.

15 What do you talk about with the performers during your office meetings , Have they introduced you to any terms for lesbian sex you’d never heard before?
Do I really have to answer this?
Honestly we just talk about the element we need to make a great film. 

16 Where can people find Filly Films on the net?

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