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Direct Models Owner To Turn Himself in On Pandering Charges

Yea, I’m late on this.  Mostly because I don’t care.  We are in an election year, history shows us the best time to file these is election years.

AVN broke this last night and XBIZ covered today.

According to AVN, Hay is scheduled to turn himself on Friday, March 6th.  Not sure why he’s waiting until Friday, but I’m also not privy to his lawyers advice.  I can only assume they know what they’re doing.

Watching twitter all day, one thing is certain, most of you are quick to kick someone when they are down.

Known escorts openly talking about pimps. News flash hotshot, just because you suck dick for Trinity doesn’t make you a hero.  You fuck, then give someone else a cut of the money   What do you think that person is called ???

Then there’s the guy who pimps is wife and is in a green card marriage, all the sudden he’s a choir boy.

Glass houses muther fuckers

In other news, fucking Hank outbid me on Vlad Guerrero JR.  Fuck Hank

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