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Director Josh on D2 Deviance- Interview, hardcore trailer


“The scope of this movie is huge. Fans will see from the first frame everything  is bigger and dirtier,” director Joshua enthusiastically explains. “We didn’t  just want a continuation of the first movie; we learned what worked and didn’t work.  The film is gonna be very, very naughty!”

1. How and why did you pick the cast for this movie?  Eva (Angelina)  was hard to replace, so I chose multiple big stars. Jenna and Nikki Benz were no brainers. Huge stars and both can get very nasty. Nikki does her first BBBG and she squirts. Alexis Texas is one of my favorites, and I wanted to give her a BG scene since she did GGGG last time. Adrenalynn had been requested by fans, so I had been talking to her for months. She killed it. Almost like she had never been gone.

2. Is there an overall theme for the movie? Can you tell us about the individual vignettes?     The theme is Deviance ? Each vignette showcases an act or idea of Deviance. We have a morgue, a homeless encounter, cages, a church…we pushed the line!

3. What was your objective in making this movie?  Do you believe you achieved it?

Bigger and better, and dirtier than the first. I addressed all the complaints as well.

4. Tell me something funny that happened on the set.   While we shot the morgue scene, the non-English speaking gentleman who was watching the property decided he didn’t want to give us our full time.  David Lord and I had to beg and argue in Spanish while the girls fucked to get to finish.

5. When will the movie be out?   September! You can see a hardcore trailer right now here- (NSFW!)

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