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Dirty Bob Responds to XRCO Drama

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Dirty Bob to Bill Margold It Isn’t The 80s Any Longer
By MikeSouth
March 26th, 2012
It must be a slow news day – Gene is headlining Bill Margold ramblings again. Every 3-4 years, like clockwork, Margold needs to flex his fingers and vocal cords. I guess as he grows older, his growls increase exponentially like his collection of stuffed teddy bears – which he should be glad can’t talk back.

But now Margold went way over the line.

First, Bill wants to CHARGE people to be members of the XRCO? Based on what little, if any, payment reviewers of adult fare make…is he crazy? Most can’t afford it and write reviews for little payment – or often for free. And if they can’t afford it, kick them out? Seriously? And even if the approx. 50 members did pay a fee, if wouldn’t be close enough to cover the expenses.

Bill lives in the past – back when William Rotsler hand-cut the trophies and the awards occurred in any place they could talk into having it (usually on a slow night at the club or wherever). When it was given over to me in 2003, it was still back at the Century Club which, I believe, they had to since demolish. The XRCO, now in its 28th year, is held in the same complex that includes venues like little events like uh…the Oscars, has a real red carpet with a step and repeat, a press room, gobos, programs, around 40 trophies, a great web site, social media networking, occasional stage acts, big-name industry co-hosts every year, a publicist – and it is STILL a free industry-only party! I could go on and on but enough is enough. Bill, it isn’t the 1980’s any longer. Do I get paid to do this? Nope! Do I always at least barely break even? Not always – a few years sponsors were few and far between and I paid whatever bills were left over out of my own pocket. Has anyone ever said a word of thanks or appreciation? Nope.

Margold says “the XRCO was never meant to be some kind of clandestine organization “with secret handshakes and members licking each other’s assholes.” I have no idea what he is talking about. Every nomination is submitted by XRCO members and decided upon STRICTLY by their suggestions. Bill, for someone who isn’t even a voting member of the XRCO – or even an adult CRITIC (XRCO DOES stand for X-Rated CRITICS Organization…). And licking assholes? I’m not sure whose asshole you have been associating with…

And I do take offense at you calling me a whore and saying I will sell out to anybody. You, of all people saying that – is funny! Aside from the one mistake I made with accepting a sponsorship with the company which owns .xxx – which I have accepted responsibility for and explained that it was a mistake – I’m calling you on this one, Bill – name even ONE person I have ever sold out to! Bill, over the years I’ve seen you put your foot in your mouth on occasion – but this time you somehow bent over backwards far enough to get both feet firmly wedged in there!

Bill doesn’t know who MILES LONG is? And he says that I am out of touch with the industry? Uhh, Bill…I believe that Miles is also in AVN’s Hall of Fame…

Bill doesn’t know, or at least doesn’t appreciate DEN – universally considered the most prolific and most loved adult reviewer of all time (who died last year after writing over 26000 reviews!).

On the phone Bill tells me all of the people who should be in the Hall of Fame – and in the next breath comments that maybe we should cut DOWN on the number of inductees? Before I took it over there were a few years when they didn’t give out ANY Hall of Fame awards.

Bill’s comment about Belladonna suggested that ten years isn’t long enough in the biz to be considered for nomination – he even want so far as to suggest that it be another ten years beyond that! Apparently he either wants to be the only person at the Hollywood Awards Party to be still around who remembers the people – or wants most of the Hall of Fame awards to be given posthumously?

Bill mentions that the XRCO was “given” to me. Did I ask for it? No – the XRCO asked me. Why? Because I AM in Ohio and they knew that I would keep the XRCO totally unpolitical and be unswayed by “influences” and keep the nomination and voting process pure and pristeen. And that I am honest. And that is the way it has been since Day One. Aside from you complaining that not everyone you suggest is in the Hall of Fame (yet) or some made it in w/o your pious approval, a few people who try to sneak their way into the awards show, and about 3 performers who yearly toot their own horn and ask to be considered – I have NEVER had ANYONE voice a complaint prior to my mistake of not recognizing the name of the parent company of .xxx . OK, nobody other than you. And South – for starting this thread.

Bill – the bottom line is that the XRCO is not yours to take back – so you can’t have it! And judging by all of the phone calls and e-mails of support I have gotten in the last few days by MANY people in the industry, your voice certainly does NOT speak for the adult industry.


P.S. I’m trying to make this good. I’m considering refunding their sponsorship fee (which will result in my needing to take out 2K against my home equity loan to cover show expenses). I really want to make this right for everyone, and if this is what it will take to do so, then I will have little choice.

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