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Dirty Danza Pulls Ads Off PWL

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From Dirty Danza-

NOW LET ME BE CLEAR PWL is NOT breaking any laws.. I just returned from a meeting with general counsel (and whores) and they are NOT breaking laws.. all minors pictured are clothed etc etc.. they ride a very fine line depending on the county and country with having porn on same page as children…

never the less.. it is of DDE Media LLC parent company of danzabucks and all their other shit to keep the account suspended until they have removed ALL minors from the site….

this is not a business move
this is not a legal move

this is purely and parent company exercising it’s right to halt relations on the affiliate account as we do not associate any adult sites on websites and pages that also have minor’s pictured..

this policy is effective immediately July 12 2011 and will go for all active affiliates as well as new affiliates…

a release will be soon to follow….

you know guys here is the thing… something like this should be common sense and I’m a little bit upset that I stand and defend PWL on free speech and they put minors on a website below cum swallowing whores… granted it is legal… but damnit… even I have a line……

again I support PWL and their freedom of speech and the only reason their affiliate account was put on a frozen status is “minors appearing on website with nudity – minors appearing on website with “porn” in the domain name”

nothing more nothing less… as soon as they take ALL minor images down the the affiliate account will be reinstated

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