Dirty Doctors Are Back! In Icon Males ‘The Doctor is in Me 2’


Dirty doctors are back in “The Doctor is in Me 2,” the second chapter of the new series from leading gay studio Icon Maleand iconic director Chi Chi LaRue. The movie is distributed through parent company Mile High Media.

Directed by LaRue and written by Taylor Saracen, “The Doctor is in Me 2,” stars Donnie Argento, newcomer Jesse Zeppelin, Andrew Day, Taylor Reign, Drew Sebastian, Jack Vidra, Calix Rivera and Nick Fitt giving new meaning to doctor-patient privileges.

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“Chi Chi LaRue delves into the world of lustful doctors and their patients receiving special care in this second chapter of the series,” said Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt. “The cast has brought intense energy, chemistry and passion to the physician inspired vignettes.”

“The Doctor is in Me 2” features an all-star cast portraying doctors and patients that are trying to find the perfect diagnosis for sex, where the probing has never been so hot.

The movie features four intense hardcore sex scenes shot in HD along with animated chapter index, a photo gallery and more.

Movies from Icon Male are unique to the gay marketplace and embody what fans have come to expect from director Chi Chi LaRue and Mile High Media – genuine and intimate exchanges between performers featuring forbidden sex, emotion and compelling storyline.

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