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“Discrimination” says Kayden Kross, held at Immigration

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A VISITING American porn star says she’s been left with a sour taste in her mouth after being held by immigration officials over a work permit for this weekend’s Erotica expo, and also being assaulted while appearing at Wednesday’s Boobs on Bikes parade.

Californian-born adult movie entertainer Kayden Kross and another porn star, accompanied by their manager, arrived at Auckland Airport on Tuesday.

Kross, 22, said the trio were asked if they had work permits to visit New Zealand and revealed they didn’t, saying they were not required to have them as they weren’t to receive appearance fees from Erotica and Boobs on Bikes organiser Steve Crow.

The trip was not paid employment, they said. It was a promotional visit.
Crow did however pay for the stars’ flights from Los Angeles and accommodation at Auckland’s Langham Hotel.

But Kross told Sunday News she and her colleagues felt “discriminated” against because of their profession.

“One of the (Immigration officers) actually forced my friend to say she was a porn actress,” Kross said.

She said the border staff failed to provide any drinking water or food during their four-hour wait.

“There was a vending machine with snacks but we had no New Zealand currency on us. We told the staff that but they ignored us and we had no food,” she said.

The trio were eventually issued with six-day work permits.

A Labour Department spokesman last night confirmed an investigation was underway into the claims but because the staff member could not be contacted yesterday no further comment could be made.

Meanwhile, police are investigating an alleged assault against Kross at the Boobs on Bikes parade, down Auckland’s Queen Street.

Kross laid a complaint at Auckland central police station after a man allegedly approached her during the event asking if he could feel her breasts.

“I hit him and said `no’ and he hit me back,” she said.

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