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Ditch Personal Arguments?

UPDATE- I am sick of all this childish name calling, crime accusations, “let’s fight (like this is third grade), every thread being derailed. There is a difference between free speech which I am all for, and ruining a discussion because you want attention. So any one that annoys me by doing the above, or breaking our rules ( posting real names etc) will get put on mod, and their comments will be approved if I feel like reading and sorting them out, or deleted, if I don’t feel like babysitting. And if you use names of people who are on mod in your comments, they too will go to mod, so u might want to use initials.



If you guys truly want me to put on hold the personal arguments I wanna hear from you in comments. I can’t just moderate them. I don’t have the  time or energy to read every comment and decide if it is a personal argument or a valid comment. So tell me what you want me to do, it’s an all or nothing deal. LMK  xo, Cindi

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