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Do Whores Make Good Wives?

BigDickDaddy posts:

Guys do not want to marry whores. We are more then happy to fuck whores but once the load is blown its time to get back to the wife and family.

Guys dont respect guys who have stripper girlfriends, whore girlfriends or pornstar girlfriends. When I look at guys who have stripper/pornstar girlfriends I think they are weak and have no selfesteem. When I see guys that date or marry women who are lawyers with Havard Law degrees or MBAs from Yale or just even successful without taking their clothes off for money then I think the couple and the guy are on the same social level as me.

Rics posts:

Sadly BigDickDaddy is right, date a whore in a serious relationship and the other men will look down on you. Even dating an exwhore that have made great achivementes in civilan life after her career in the sex industry can create frictions with your friends specially if her deeds are on video.

That is a fact of life, and I do not see changing soon. Go to any exwhores forums and read their discussions on relationships after the industry. I have a close friend, a Ivy League educated lawyer who dated exwhore he met in his Ivy League University. No all whores are dumb, some are just very fucked up women. Their relationship died after he realized that dating a woman, no matter how smart and hard working, who once made a career getting sodomized on film was going to be harmfull to his career and that he would become the joke of his friends.
Sad but true, thats the way things are.

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