Do You Know Who Jenn Tisdale Is?

Meet Jenn Tisdale: Writer, Stand Up Comic… Porn Star?

Porn star James Deen recently put out an open casting call to any female out there, in hopes to shoot a scene with a total amateur stranger.  Provided they get tested for diseases of course.

Writer and comedian, Jenn Tisdale and co-workers laughed at the silly tweet then signed up.  Only thing was, her co-workers never actually signed up, and it was just her.

To her surprise she got a response that she had been chosen and now, she would star in a porno.

Jenn Tisdale outlined to James from the beginning, that she would not be able to orgasm on camera as, for her to do so has been extremely difficult in the past and especially on camera she felt she would not be able to relax enough.    But she assured him they’d still have a great time.  (Sounds to me like someone hasn’t found Mr. Right yet!)

The email written by James for Jenn, went as follows:  (by the way, what a gentleman!)

first off, hi, i am james . now that is done… i was told you went and got tested yesterday. i was wondering what days would be best for us to shoot? also, what type of stuff are you into, what you envision for this scene, would you want to do more than one scene, is there a place you would feel comfortable shooting? all that type of stuff. basically i just want to make sure to provide you with the perfect porno experience and that we have as much fun as imaginable. i look forward to meeting you.”

This story has really blown up in mainstream media, as Jenn has been non-stop blogging about her experience as a first time porn star.  She did two scenes with him, and appears under the name “Gwen Derringer” which is actually a pretty cool name!

So if you were interested in watching this perhaps…?

  Click on the video below:

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