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Do you like Women in Uniform? How about Some Body Heat?

NL-Here’s some beauty to brighten up your weekend. Digital Playground’s new, soon to be a big hit, Body Heat. Riley talks about it in her interview. Raven does also in an interview I just did with her ( that’s not up anywhere yet). THEE award winner of this movie is going to be the all girl orgy on the back of a fire truck… Bet ya can’t wait!  (all pictures courtesy of Digital Playground)

To get to the trailers of Body heat- Click below, when you get to the site- on the top right there are boxcovers moving down click on the BODY HEAT one, when you gt to that page,  2/3 of the way down it says preview clips. HOT STUFF! I”m going to give the trailers a TEN!

 CLICK HERE to start There is music & Jesse Jane talking, so don’t get yourself in trouble. ? , if you arent supposed to be watching “this kind of stuff” turn off your sound.


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