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Do You Think You Are Good Enough to Direct for Sweetheart Films?


NL- First of all, I wrote this. This is not Sweetheart Video/Mile High Media Speaking…

To thank Jon, the owner of Mile High for no longer having Nica Noelle in his employ, I will be happy to help him promote his company & all the new creative people that are coming on board for Sweetheart.

His first call is out to directors & talent! If you have what it takes to direct, please get in touch with Jon. You no longer have to deal with kissing Nica Noelle’s ass, and making sure you only talk to people she likes to get a job. All you need is TALENT & Creativity!

Jon is happy to speak with all potential and experienced directors that understand girl/girl content, especially vignette and feature styles…

Anyone who thinks they have what it takes contact Jon ([email protected]with their idea for a film they would like to make, and what would make them a great director for Sweetheart Video.  Performers looking to make the next step into directing are welcome to apply also!

 Here’s some content NSFW Club Sapphic


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