Do you want a pornstar or celebrity sex robot?

Sexbot makers have now seized 3D printing. One of China’s prominent sexbot company is determined to give it’s clients an opportunity to spice up their sex lives. Soon or later they are going to announce an innovative goal to hit the markets with advanced sex dolls. DS Dolls is using the 3D printing technology to develop the AI-equipped real human replicas.

DS Doll developers are going to make the advanced sex robots with AI and full body movements in their workspace and factory based in Dalian, a port city in north-east China. The company will soon release a first generation of its cyborg companion. The product has also been mass produced to serve their clients from all around the globe.

Speed and efficiency are two important terms in production. In that regard, DS Doll team of researchers has already put in place advanced manufacturing methods. In an exclusive interview by Daily Star, DS Doll marketing manager Sam revealed that the company has adopted 3D printing technology as one method used to make the sex robot parts. They are targeting to eventually incorporate the technology in production which will enable the company to produce loads of sex robots and a speedy rate.

DS Doll is using the 3D printer to make many parts for the robotic doll prototypes, said Sam, who works for Cloud Climax, the flagship DS Doll reseller in Europe and the UK.”

“They are using this technology to improve on the speed and processing times for making improvements to the doll robots.”

“Whilst previously casts would need to be made and then molds, we can now input and print in a much faster time.”

3D printing

3D printing is the process of constructing physical objects with layers of materials from a three-dimensional model. The technology dates back to the 80’s; this was when additive tools and materials were initially developed. It’s been 30 years, and like you would expect, the technology has far much transformed into various industries.

For an object to be printed, a computer software is used to create the 3D design which is then uploaded to the machine. The machine, in turn, builds the object layer by layer.

The final product

The final product of the additive manufacturing process is made up of thousands of small layered slices of raw material. According to Sam, the 3D printing technology run by DS Doll has the capacity to produce sex robots that replicate real humans just by scanning their full body mannequin into a computer software.

Sam said, “The 3D printer works by developing the shape of the particular part in the computer software and then transferring to the printer.”

“It is also connected to a 3D scanner which can be used to scan in the body of a full person as well as prototype parts for replication.”

“This type of technology is excellent for creating new doll bodies and faces as they can be developed from a real human.”

The Porn Dude agrees with Sam on one thing; given that 3D printing has a laser-guided accuracy and is economically efficient, it is most likely to become a fundamental portion of the manufacturing process

To insist, Sam added that, “Using 3D printing streamlines the process of making intricate parts for the robots and means that all parts will be 100% identical.

“This means less wastage and lower development times.

“It is inevitable that this technology will become a large part of making robotic products in the foreseeable future for DS Doll.”

Porn stars and celebrity based dolls

Previously Sam had stated that DS Doll had the capacity to build sexbots with “good likeness” of the human they are “looking to replicate.” However, he also insisted that the subject would require to seek permission. Cloud Climax had already received inquiries on “sex dolls based upon celebrities,” Sam stated. Among the most enquired celebrities comprised of porn stars, WWE wrestlers, superheroes and Hollywood actors and actresses.

DS Doll Company does not stock nor sells celebrity or porn star sex dolls which is in contrary to everyone’s hope including The Porn Dude. We all hope that perhaps they will start doing so after they have duly dealt with the copyright violation issues. In order for the Company to be able to satisfy their market demands, they will have to receive consent from porn stars as well as other celebrities whose images would be replicated in sexbots.

Due to the market demand which continues to grow, many robotic ethics and philosophers foresee that erotic cyborgs based on images of porn stars and celebrities will be quite a thing in the future. Dr. David Levy, author of Love and sex with robots Said, “The celebrity sex robots will absolutely be in demand in the future.”


Let’s agree on one thing; you are never getting that fling with your favorite porn star or celebrity crush. Well, perhaps in the near future DS DOLL will be able to overcome the copyright infringement issues. This will mean a new dawn of hope to all perverts drooling over celebrity based sexbots. All The Porn Dude can do now is to keep you in the loop as the future unfolds.

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