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Doctors Prescribe More Anal Sex!

Doctors Prescribe More Anal Sex

Anal sex is becoming more popular but the propaganda driving us to try it is still outdated and purely  speculation. Cosmo online decided to seek the advice of actual doctors on the topic of anal sex and their opinions may surprise you. Do 4 out of 5 doctors agree that butt fucking is a good idea? You bet your ass! Get the real scoop on whether or not sticking a dick in a tight asshole is a good idea and why…

Doctors Say Have More Anal Sex!

First, it’s pretty safe meaning unless you’re starting with some hardcore stuff, backdoor love won’t rip you apart. The only thing that isn’t safe is that you’re at higher risk for STDs when engaging in bum love. As long as you’re using measures you should already be taking for safe sex (condoms, lots of lube, common sense) then you should be okay.

Cosmo also discovered that nerve endings in the area produce significant pleasure. We are naturally designed to enjoy anal sex so that the age old rumor is true and its not just about dominance or being kinky. Human physiology can be so naughty!

Doctors Recommend Backdoor Sex

I’m sure its obvious that anal sex also lowers the probability of becoming pregnant. If you cum in or on her ass it’s a relatively safe space. Remember that no matter what the pull-out method won’t prevent pregnancy so again use common sense if that’s something you’re trying to avoid at all costs.

A common fear has always been about the general dirtiness and encountering faeces during sex. This can happen. It’s always best to clean up the area as good as you can and try an enema if you want to be super serious and avoid any possible embarrassment.

It’s important to wear a condom when having anal sex because infections can occur with all the bacteria present. If you try anal sex and decide you want to switch back to vaginal it’s important that you change the condom so that you’re not causing any infections such as E.coli (gross, right?)

Once again it is very, very important to lube up. The anus doesn’t stretch naturally like the vagina does and once you tear your colon it can be painful and require surgery to fix. Ignoring our tips could also mean your body could have a hard time holding stools inside. Play smart, play safe and you will enjoy your anal sex.

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