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Documentary filmed their best footage at PSK

 Bryce, the director of Triple Exxxit ( LIfe After Porn) writes me with a big Thank You for letting people know that they would be filiming at PSK on Tuesday. It was a huge success!

Bryce Writes-

Triple Exxxit(Life After Porn) made a turn Tuesday night that was delightfully unexpected.  First off, Seymour was incredibly gracious and generous with usage of his establishment, even though he was a bit under the weather.  Not knowing quite what to expect from PSK, we bided our time, and waited for the right moment to get the cameras rolling.  Enter Shelly Lubben. 

     We knew who Shelly was from myspace, but seeing her there; we weren’t quite sure what to expect(personally, I thought it was going to be like a jihadist in a room full of rednecks).  But she was chatty, delightful, and incredibly approachable.  She told us her story, and then introduced us to the “original” Tommy Gunn.  He just recently returned to the business, and was diversifying his skills behind the camera.  Then we met Marli Jane, who recently left the biz, wants to get into music managment, had a songbird’s voice, and was as sweet as mom’s apple pie. 

     We came looking for folks that were new to the biz, and wanted their perspectives on their futures.  And while I thought we’d get some bright eyed and bushytailed 19 year old, we found someone infanitely more interesting.  46 year old Raquel Sieb.  She’s been in since January, has done about 10-12 scenes, and has an 8 year old child.  When we asked her what her plans for the future were when she was done with porn.  She quipped, “Things have always had a way of working out, so I trust they will again.”  We learned that Victoria Norton was wicked smart, everyone loves Powder, and that Tony Batman really, really only wants to work nights.  We literally shot for 4 straight hours, and wish we could have more, but we’ll be on the road for 2 weeks, and just can’t fit it in. 

     We had a real depth added to our film with all of ya’ll last night.  It’s always best to get documentary subjects in their natural environment, and for most of the folks there, I really believe it’s not a porn set.  Thank you for your candor and courtesy.  If you saw us up there, and we didn’t get to talk to you, or if you think you might have an interesting story to tell, drop us a line, or find us up in San Francisco next weekend.

Email- [email protected]

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