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Does Chico Wang Have Enough Sexuality To Understand Western Passion?

Happy Camper posts to ADT:

I have always wondered, what is the exact nature of the “talent” Chico Wang has as a director? The curiosity factor that he is the first asian (korean?) porn director?

Imho it is pointless to count “lots of chat during porn scene” a style. His scenes certainly show intensity but to me are mechanical and devoid of passion: the kind of passion that makes you envolved and immersed into.

I suspect the reason for this is, now it may sound racial BS but stay with me, that he just doesn’t have enough sexuality in him to really “understand” western passion. For example, I see Asian guys Chico hires for pop shots, and as I see their equipments, I can’t help wondering how would they understand the intense emotion of anal and dp, how would they understand the passion of deep throat, when they can’t reach back of the throat? Do you think Rocco could’ve pulled the kind of passion while him being a “little” guy?

Porn is unique in that, the director must experience and understand the kind of sexuality he’s shooting in real life to capture the passion of it. I think a good porn directo should have good package, most preferably be a porn actor himself.

What do you think?

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