Does sex getter better after marriage?

There is a common notion that sex gets boring once people are in marriage. Actually, many believe that sex life is as good as dead after the honeymoon. But forget everything you may have heard about monotony and infrequency of sex in marriage, ThePornDude is going to give you reasons that prove post nuptial nookie can be better than a one day roll in the hay.  There may be changes in your sex life after marriage, that is given, but you are certainly not entering your most sexless years, far from it. In fact, there is renewed intimacy with marriage that can unleash your sex ninja. Let’s see how, shall we?

Game changer

So, this is what happens when you get married. You sign the right papers, pay the government and enter into a union where unless death does you apart, you may have to part with your money to break up. And now the better part; nobody else will be sexing you (or indeed your partner) at least for the foreseeable future. While that might not sound like a lot, it is actually a game changer. Why you ask? Because this comes with closeness and gives you joy when you get between the sheets. Both of you will be thinking ‘this is totally mine and I can hit it anytime I want because my partner also wants it.’ That should translate to better sex, shouldn’t it?


Another thing that marriage brings to the sex life is confidence. To begin with, your partner will not be leaving you first thing in the morning because you tried something kinky in the bedroom. The two of you are stuck with trying stuff to spice your sex which should work a treat for your confidence. You will be less self-conscious about your body; you will be thinking less about what your partner feels about your performance and just stick to enjoying the romp. You might have to set your alarms earlier in the morning, but it will be totally worth it.

There is no pressure

If you have been dating, then you well know the challenges that come with that, especially in the beginning. For starters, there is pressure to be at your best all time. Granted, you are not supposed to get comfortable once in marriage and making an effort is necessary, but once you tie the knot, the pressure is not as intense. You can go to the bedroom with juice stains on your pants and still get it on in the sheets within seconds. You will be thinking, ‘this is who I am now,’ and in bed, that makes a hell lot of difference. You see, sex is so much more fun when you don’t have to worry about the perfect lingerie or being perfectly groomed. Thanks to marriage.

Sexual freedom

Even before marriage, especially for the long-term relationships, there is some room to experiment. But that goes into overdrive once marriage kicks in because of the sexual freedom that comes with it. You are allowed to get deeper into the kinky rabbit hole than you would outside marriage. In fact, being adventurous is essential in keeping your partner interested in sex in the long run, which should be good news for everyone involved.  You can try different positions and all that. You see, marriage is like a project that you will be looking to perfect over the years, which should present loads of fun.

Quickies, anyone?

There is beauty in illicit sex, and you know it. Sneaking around to have sex while the kids are briefly asleep can be sexy. You can make quickie signals with your partner and go at it any moment of the day or night. Sex doesn’t have to take half an hour and those five minutes will feel a lot better than a whole hour of pointless dilly-dallying. It is also okay to say ‘wanna fuck in the shower?’ Which is all it takes to get the mood going. All you need to do to get in the mood is give each other a sexy look. Call it the beauty of married sex.

It gets better

You know each other for long; you know each other’s bodies, hot spots and all that. While sex doesn’t automatically get better with marriage, it can if you try. Everyone is different but having sex with one partner for long makes you better at having sex with them. What I’m saying is, there are zero reasons why married couples can’t be sex gods and goddesses, at least in each other’s eyes. That should set you up nicely for some wonderful marriage sex.


The above points and many others prove that there is sex life after marriage. Things do change in marriage, and that includes sex. But as you’ve seen, things can change for the better. The two of you are in it together, and there is entirely no reason to hold back. And then again, you are in love, and there is nothing hotter than sex with a loved one.

Put your worries aside; marriage is not signing a death warrant for your sex life.

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