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Does your agent suck big fat balls? Very possibly

I started writing this article as a rant about some agents who are just beyond horrible. So bad in fact, that they actually cost their clients jobs because who the hell wants to bother working with such flaky and irresponsible agents? It’s funny how many people talk trash about porn stars being so flaky when in my experience it’s been the agents who are a nightmare and in most cases downright rude.

But then I decided to stop writing about dumb asses, and instead go another route all together. I thought about my recent experience with OC Modeling and thought now might be a good time to actually talk about an agent who does their job and is damn good at it.

If I book a girl through an agent it should be their job to make sure that girl is going to show the fuck up. If she is going to cancel (for whatever reason) then they should notify me (the client) well in advance.

In addition, I like that they contact me after the shoot and find out how well their girl did. They want details on her performance and attitude.

I’ve booked five jobs with one agency in the last three months. Of the 5 jobs, not a one of them ever went through and not a single time did the agent ever contact me to let me know the girl was cancelling.

Lyla Storm said it best … “I do not schedule things, my agent does and tells me where to go. That is what I pay them for.” And you know what? She’s right. Agents should handle the entire booking process for the girls. Isn’t that what their job is? Isn’t that why girls give them so much of their hard earned money in the first place?

If your agent can’t answer an email, or doesn’t return phone calls in a timely manner, just how many jobs are they costing you? Your agent should GET you jobs. When I call OC Modeling to book a girl, even on short notice, or to replace another girl at the last minute, they all but fall over themselves to make me feel important and like a valued client. That’s how your agent should be treating producers and directors.

If they aren’t then how many producers and directors will just give up dealing with your lazy, rude ass agent and go to somewhere else instead? I’ve been booking quite a few girls lately and you know what … if I haven’t booked you in the last 90 days, there is a good chance it’s because your agent is an ass or doesn’t get the content of responding to emails or returning calls in a timely manner.

I will tell you one thing though … I’m really impressed with OC Modeling and have no doubt will continue to use them many times in the future. Might want to keep that in mind girls when you are thinking of switching agents.





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