Dog Toy or Sex Toy?

Sex Toy or Dog Toy?

” Everything is a sex toy if you’re brave enough”

Have you heard about the horny internets favorite new game? Dog toy or sex toy? That’s right if you’ve been down the pet aisle at Walmart  you’ve probably noticed a few toys that have you wondering and giggling internally as the elderly lady passes on your left. CollegeHumor brought the idea to us and now it’s going viral so if you haven’t watched the video yet look below and guess whether it’s a sex toy or dog toy and then watch the video to find out. Can you tell which are for dogs and which are for dongs? (If you’re a furry they’re for both)

So what did folks at CollegeHumor bring to the table? Let’s say they were very creative with their selection:

A Blue Stick with 2 “Balls” – Is it a dildo that gives you pleasure and a solid handle at the base or is it the new version of a doggy bone?

Black Worm Guy – If these aren’t anal beads then you know somewhere the toy designer is having a great laugh because who else could come up with this one…we all know what sex toys look like by now.

Leather Studded Collar – Put it on while you’re going doggy style or do you just put it on your dog?

Black Rubber Thing – Hahaha was that cock ring or a chew toy?

Red Phallic Weiner Dog Toy – There’s a random hole in there.. what’s it for?

Now for the bonus round, a toy picked out from the internet for our PORN.com viewers to guess. Click the image below to see if it’s a dog toy or sex toy!


Did you guess correctly? I would suggest pulling this game out at a Stag and Doe and making it a drinking game. Then again I like making everything into a drinking game.

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