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Domenic Kane- Did You know about this Dick Sucking thing?

NL-Thank you to JD for the heads up. Did this happen? Any witnesses? And if Dom didn’t know she was a T/S what’s the big deal? It’s like if you are kosher and you eat bacon accidentally. 

Foxxy photo by Monkeygurl

From Natasha Badinov (theRubPR)

Thursday, February 11, 2010
The XBIZ Awards Blog–
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……..It was way more fun than I thought it would be. But how can you not have fun when you’re hanging with 3 gregarious trannys. Lots of business and stuff in the works for my clients that happened tonight. Here are some of the highlights:

-Mia Isabella shone on the red carpet and as a presenter. I was so proud of her. And she worked the press room like a champ. Funny thing was how she told everyone I was her publicist (including other publicists) and pretty much the whole world. I definitely felt the love and trust there.

-We made our way all the way to the front by some miracle and me knowing the right people. Truly amazing stuff there.

-The awards were predictable (same winners as AVN) and really boring–no one paid attention and just yapped. A lot like the XRCOs.

-My newest client, Kelly Divine, looked Divine and I wish she would have made the red carpet.
-I saw and chatted with Hillary Hooterz, Jeff Mullen, Dave Navarro, Roy Karch, Jules Jordan, Robert Rodriguez, Jenna Haze, Joanna Angel, Herschel Savage, Valentino, Virtu Mike, Vanessa Blake and lots more people I knew, but can’t remember right now off the top of my head at 3:30am.

-Most of the evening was spent with Mia, Foxxy, Danielle Foxxx (who kept showing us her surgical snatch all night long), Yurizan Beltran, bodyguard Johnnie and Sergio (lube boy). And apparently Foxxy sucked a major male performer’s dick in plain site/view at the bar, before he realized she was a tranny–I won’t mention his name. But you know who you are Domenic Kane and there are photos (not on my camera) and talk of TMZ.

-Danielle Foxx tried to take Yurizan out and there was some wrestling on the floor of the upstairs bar. Well, in between DF trying to pick up on the young, Latin busboy. Not sure if she flashed him her surgical vagina. Yes I said surgical vagina–you didn’t read wrong.

– I wore a pretty racey outfit and actually had to fend off some men who wanted to more than just look. Where was bodyguard Johnnie when you need him? One guy actually asked twice if he could touch my tits and told me I should be in porn–like I’ve never heard that one.

-We ended the night with breakfast at Ihop, all 6 of us.

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