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Domenic Kane Has His Say

NL-While talking to Domenic on Twitter, he told me he would write up and send me his side of the story. Here is what he sent-

Hi ..

I first want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak.However I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I don’t have to explain myself to anyone.Anyone who believes those articles is an idiot.They were written by someone who is trying to damage me anyway he can. .Anybody who knows me knows I am a honorable person and ask to get back the respect i give.

I am not a Pro fighter as was written,have never done steroids in my life & have never caused any trouble on a set and respect the environment and what goes on there.I have no regrets about what happened,it was a blessing in disguise.It only affected me in a positive way as I now feel totally liberated from the 13th grade and only when you break those shackles of oppression can you concentrate fully on your potential as an artist and perform.

I live by my own code and any male talent who believes they can be “cast out” or “fucked in this industry” by a general consensus is a slave to those politics and rules and was too feeble minded and timid to be in this industry to begin with. People are becoming too concerned with wasting their time on networking,gossiping,running around trying to get shoots and believing everything they hear when they should be focusing their energy on making good work for this industry as what we have been GIVING (literally) to the people has become monotonous.

It’s like when you drive down the street in this country and see the same Starbucks,Jamba Juices,Rite Aids,’s all the same everywhere you look and it’s demoralizing.Half the people and “witnesses” who were at XBiz were there to  meet people and a lot weren’t even in the industry,I was there because I got nominated for an award.

  I am an Artist and a Visionary first and care more about taking my time to making great work than i do than running around kissing ass and trying to shoot for a bunch of different companies who film pretty much the exact same boring Vanilla scenes being watched all over the web for free.I have the name,the tools, the fan base who follow me closely and cowardly  Dan trying to have me thrown in jail because his ego is hurt, would only be doing another thing that will benefit me as my fans would be anticipating my return and my sales would go up when I’m back.

 Thank you again for your time you are the only person I have talked to about any of this nonsense and I wasn’t going to write to anyone about it but I told you I would when you asked and I am a man of my word so I wanted to give you something.

Have a great Day,

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