Domino pizza delivery driver offers pornstar Christiana Cinn $200 for sex

Pornstar Christiana Cinn was in for a rude surprise when a pizza guy offered her $200 for sex. The incident took place on Feb 24 when the 28-year-old was staying up in a hotel in Milwaukee. According to The Blast, she got hungry and decided to order a pizza from the Domino’s pizza chain. But she was not prepared for what was to follow.

The pizza chain was quick to deny the accusations. The pornstar alleges that after the pizza was delivered, she received a text from a number she didn’t recognize. The person receiving the text identified himself as Chris and told her he had delivered a pizza to her that day. When she asked him why he was contacting her and she didn’t even give him her number, she was in for a rude reply. Chris replied “Sorry if it’s a problem I won’t I text you at that time to ask you [a] question.

He sent her another text reading “Was offering you $200 but never mind you must be one of those bad and boujee.” A quick look at the urban dictionary for the meaning of “bad and boujee” shows it is used to mean “when you wear expensive clothing and are always on fashion trends” or a woman who is “savage.”

That was savage from the pizza delivery guy I must admit.

Considering legal action

The $200 was for sex. At least that’s what Cinn presumed the offer was made for. Her first course of action was to call the Domino’s where she had placed the order to complain about the text messages. What did the chain do? They offered her a cinnamon twist dessert item for her troubles. It appears someone at Domino’s has a sense of humor.

After she insisted on getting the district manager’s details, the chain came back with an even better offer: a cheque for $22 to cover the cost of the pizza.  She had refused $200 to fuck, how was she going to take a free pizza?

She declined the offer.

She actually took to her personal Twitter page to blast the company for what she termed as “disgusting and shameful act.”

In one of the tweets, she asked; ‘hey @dominos, YOU NEED to have strict rules on sexual harassment for ur employees. These are actual screenshots from one of your delivery guys to me. I answered the door in sweats and a baggy sweater I DID NOT ASK for this! This is unacceptable #MeToo.’

In another, she posed; ‘Would you accept this type of behavior from one of your delivery men? @pizzahut.’

However, Domino’s claimed to have investigated the incident and found that the number Cinn alleges to have been from Chris didn’t belong to any of their employees. Domino’s said the owner of the store talked with Cinn and “explained his findings.”

Jenny Fouracre, the director of public relations for Domino’s, spoke to Fox news and had the  following to say; “I know that this customer was a guest at a hotel during this time, it certainly seems possible that she had other deliveries during her stay, as the text did not say the delivery was specifically pizza” .

Not that Cinn is convinced. In fact, she thinks the chain is just making excuses, and she is considering legal action. She added that her safety was not guaranteed at the time on account that the guy had all her information and could easily give it out to anyone. She said; ‘It was such an invasion of privacy… this guy had all my information, he could give it to anybody,’ she said. ‘I didn’t feel safe; I had considered switching rooms.’

The drama never ends, does it?

Interesting story

So, here is a fascinating story. A woman who gets paid to have sex is now offended by being offered money to fuck off camera. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? She even concluded one of her tweets with #MeToo. Whether or not a woman who gets paid to have sex has a right to be a part of the #MeToo movement is up for you to decide. I am only wondering whether Cinn has the moral authority to be outraged at the delivery guy, I mean, he did what her agents do every day, namely, negotiating the price for her sexual acts.

Don’t get it twisted; I am for women being treated equally. I also understand there is a real #MeToo campaign going on involving women being preyed on by powerful men. I also don’t like that shit.  However, I am left wondering, does a pornstar who chose to be in that business and gets paid for sex has a similar issue as, say, a woman in the corporate world who doesn’t get paid to have sex? Could it be that the offer made by Chris was too low? What if he had offered $10k, do you think the response would have been similar?

I guess we’ll never find out now that it’s a deal gone bad.


Are you a pizza delivery guy and would like to fuck a pornstar? Well, don’t text her the offer. Say it straight to her face when you make the delivery. That way, she won’t have screenshots to post on her social media. I’m just kidding.

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