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Donny Long Answers My Questions…

Donny just contacted me and updated his answers, here are the new ones-

1. You say you are not involved with PWL, but are just a member.
Then how come your sites like xxxfilmjobs and the one you made with Derek Hay’s name,
and the one about Mark Speigler and PWL all have the same google analytics account number? account number is UA-21272264-1 which you can see by clicking view source
on the page of any website and that is not the account number for or so you are wrong but nice try. Did Spiegler feed you that lie also that you publicize?

2. What is the Gay Mafia? And how did you decide who were members? How did I get involved?
The gay mafia is anyone that is gay or supports the gays in straight porn which them spreading
HIV in straight porn like Cameron Reid did is what has ruined the porn industry and made condoms mandatory now by the government. I TOLD YOU SO I TOLD YOU SO I TOLD YOU SO!

3. I notice you now have a bunch of legal speak on the front of the PWL trying to turn it all around, it’s a parody, PWL didn’t post the families of porn stars information your members did and it’s been taking down, etc..  Sounds like damage control after the fact to me.
Not my site so ask them. I have not seen them take a single thing down though or say they were going to. They are like me and don’t back down.

4. I received an email today (its going around) with the names, ages, occupations, addresses etc of your parents, would you mind if people post it on their sites?
Again this is failure Mark Spiegler throwing more shit at me and only causing the industry more harm like he has always done.

5. I hear you are taking credit for my site being down. Explain to us all how you did it?
Not sure where you got that one but I bet it was Spiegler also. I have no interest in damaging
your site why would i? You have been posting my responses so why would i be mad at you?
Its not your fault your site is full of faggots from gay porn like Jeremy steele and loser
gay supporter nobodies in porn like Mike South and Mark spiegler that cant even see their cock fat there beer gut. Seriously look at a photo of them and you can figure out their whole life story.

6. Overall, what is the point of having a site that has the real names of porn stars and exposes their families, and uses a bunch of sexual & racial slurs on it? What positive outcome does it acheive?
Ask the owners because thats not me but I do see them exposing a lot of truth about the scum bags
that need to be exposed like Spiegler and South and other fags and criminals like Derek hay. they gave everyone a chance to be removed if they were not one of the people that needed to be exposed but Paul Armstrong’s gay ass ruined that one from what I read.

7. Since you are not the owner and do not run PWL as you stated, who does? A group of 100% STRAIGHT industry insiders and fans that are sick and tired of the gay mafia and getting bullied by them.

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