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Donny Long Answers…

NL- Donny, You wrote me an e-mail, I posted it. I don’t get the reason you’re all pissed off about it. You want everyone to know what you think right? Feel free to send me a detailed email about how you are NOT involved with PWL & I’ll post it.
[email protected]

Today at Today
And you stupid fucks still dont learn that I have so many supporters and fans backing me that every time you pop off and or let Mark Spiegler the child rapist pop off you get a foot up your faggot gay loving asses.

I DONT OWN PORNWIKILEAKS.COM AND YOU FAGS WILL KEEP PAYING EVERY TIME YOU POP OFF TO ME OR OTHER STRAIGHTS. I always win remember that, write it down and take a fucking picture, so keep fighting me or other straights and getting your asses kicked while I sit here and laugh.

The gay mafia is going down this time and everyone is paying for it.

Read again what I said in that email. Let me quote it for you!

From my email over a year ago when you had your chances.

“do something about this or “”””””blame Mark Spiegler later””””””

“””””””someone””””””” making something to get everyone back.”

I am not that someone so keep throwing shit at me when you did this to yourselves and dump trucks full of shit will keep getting thrown back at you while I sit here laughing all the way to the bank like I always have.

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