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Donny Long gets it all WRONG, and insults LIB’s NL


Donny Long writes-

Does Darrah Ford = Cindy Loftus? From what I hear is a goofball from Miami that is involved in night moves and some award show.

Seems to me like she is a faggot and tranny lover to even state such an off the wall stupid thing that I would be a faggot only because she knows that I cant stand faggots in the straight side of the biz.

This is the same Darrah Ford aka Diarrhea Ford that bought and hides who she is? All I can say is it doesn’t take very big balls to post some shit about someone when your hiding behind a fake name on a keyboard.

When I post everyone knows who I am and if anyone has a problem with me they know who wrote it at least. Diarrhea Ford needs to come out of the closet or shut up.

Also as for you even posting anything anyone says that hides behind names I will never figure out because all you’re doing is sending them traffic and letting more people read the BS coming from someone that does not even exists in the public eye to be anyone important enough to mean anything.

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