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Donny Long Gone to Florida


For those of you that don’t know, I sold my studio and moved to the beautiful Florida keys. I am staying on a island on my awesome 43 foot house boat and I just bought a bunch of boats for shooting.

I have a 22 cuddy cabin, a 19 center console, a paddle boat, and a cool yellow and white jet ski. My friends have a bunch of cool boats here too that I can shoot on as well. There are islands beaches and cool hotels everywhere to shoot outdoor or indoor stuff here. 

I have some killer girls to shoot out here and will be sending out more info soon. I shot 3 hot brand new teens last week and I am loving this place and the talent. There is no LA drama here or LA attitudes and the models don’t show up cracked out to a shoot here. Most are just fresh models that love to fuck. The best thing is they are a lot cheaper here.

For all of you out there that thought I might have been gone or LOST my studio or was doing bad guess again and stay tuned for more to come. Hit me up on email to order some content [email protected]

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