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05/16/09 07:49 PM

He basically had one company using him and his studio, Incredible Dollars. That company was doing some shady CC practices and it caught up to them.

Meanwhile, Donkey had done his best to piss off every talent agent, Derek, Kevin, Lisa Ann, Spiegler, and no one wanted to do business with him.

When no one is hiring you for scenes because no one likes you. And no one is hiring you for production because you are shady as fuck……then you go under.

His studio is gone and the equipment was sold to various people. I shot a scene for the guy who owns his camera now.

When you are out of money, out of prospects, and out of luck… run back home with your tail between your legs. Back to Florida and back to servicing boat engine parts for 10 bucks an hour on some pier somewhere, while supplementing his income with petty theft and burglary.

Between Donkey’s demise, Penny Flame going the way of the dinosaur, and my new position producing content for Naughty America… couldn’t be better.

Always remember “revenge is a dish best served cold”.


Incredible dollars?   Donny Long?  Penny Flame?  Anyone want to share their side of it?

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