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Donny Long hates booking girls who say “NO BIG DICKS”

By Donny Long from his blog

Today was Rhylie Richards. I have shot her sister Reese Richards and both of them have the same bullshit rule, NO BIG DICKS. I hate that shit.

Both of them back when i was talent in the biz have cost me money for shoots I had got canceled on but fuck it now I had to shoot them. I make my money back now I guess. It still sucks but the way I look at it is I shot both of them for one scene but if they didn’t have that stupid rule I would have shot them both 4 times by now.

I know your thinking they can do and fuck who they want right well fuck that. If they want to be “PORN STARS” then they need to not whine about the big cocks. Just my thoughts but you don’t have to agree.

They both are fun to be around and do a great scene but I do think the sister Rhylie is a dike and does not like men because she was a dead horse while getting fucked in the stills. She does fake it pretty well though for video. 

I will rebook them if I have to and its nothing against them but I just don’t like booking girls that don’t do big cocks and especially one that didn’t when I was talent because it cost me money.

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