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Donny Long Hates Trannys says Darrah

Opinion/Editorial by Darrah Ford of PornStarBabylon

After Donny Long’s attack on female performers saying how he won’t be dating them anymore because he wants a clean pussy, I accused him of being a possibly secretly-closeted homosexual.

Donny hates everything and anything having to do with gay men. He hates transsexuals, transvestites, and most of all hates fellow performer Christian. Is Christian not your type? Are you more into bears than the clean-shaven hairless type? haha

Every other word out of Donny’s mouth is tranny fucker. He won’t work with girls who have worked with Christian because the ONLY POSSIBLE WAY of contracting HIV is by bi-sexual men (Christian) having sex with transsexuals. And even broke up with his ex-girlfriend because she had a tranny girlfriend. Someone who is so homophobic is clearly hiding their true sexuality. He’ll scream about his hatred for trannies to whoever will hear him. Why so vocal and angry towards a group of people that have never done anything to you?

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