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DONNY LONG interview-He Doesn’t Hold Back

An Exclusive Interview with Donny Long

Hi Donny, Got some Q’s for you.  Be free to say what you feel.

What is the name of your website?
Well I own hundreds of traffic websites. I owned a couple very successful business’s before I got into the adult world and since I got into the biz as talent I have been watching the successful people and learning. I learned html on my own since I came into porn and taught myself how to shoot and every part of the business by watching others. My 3 main sites for business are:

http://www.  My blog about my life in LA, fucking hot girls and filming them.  My production company site.

You can see samples of my work and my talent resume at html

My studio info is below.


Tell us about your studio.
I designed it with the thoughts of renting.  My commercial mansion now with the 4 new sets upstairs is a total of 15 sets because when I bit the bullet and took on the lease I thought I might have to rent it to keep up with the nut of the place but I didn’t.

I have been filming 5 to 7 days a week since I opened it 3 months ago, so I can’t rent it out. I was looking to open another studio in Venice Beach but now I am planning on buying a yacht there and to film on it.

My studio has come a very long way and in 3 months we have shot over 100 scenes here and not to brag but I can say that it is top notch because of the way I built it. Every single set has fixed mount lighting, 4 extra large soft boxes, from every angle including right above the talent so rarely do we need  to  use a C light. We shoot all HD here and our stuff is clear as day.  If you would like see it go to my site.


Do you still perform in scenes? Or have you given that up for shooting scenes?
I love pussy, but I had to stop performing for 2 and a half months for a couple reasons. One, I think I just needed a break and needed to go get me some non-porn pussy, But for the most part I was disgusted so bad with these girls taking the higher risk scenes with performers that work with Gays and Trannies, that I just didn’t want to stick my cock anywhere near them. Things have gotten better now and less girls are doing that.

I have a thing for Asian girls so I booked myself with Jessica Bangcock for a POV b/g a little over a week ago and after that with the love twins and a midget in the same day. Not many people have fucked twins and a midget let alone in the same day I bet. The scene with the twins was hot I have always wanted to fuck sisters and twins, omg that was so cool. I even had them cum swap through a straw which you can see on my site. The midget was kind of weird but hey, I had to try it. It was also her first ever scene.


What was the hottest scene you ever performed in?
I would have to say an old scene I did for Jim Powers years ago. A  b/g/g with Taryn Thomas and I think from what I remember Nadia Styles was the second girl. They both had to fight over the cock and who could fuck it better the whole scene. Who was the better whore.


What is your favorite adult movie of all time?
I have to say I was a big fan of porn way before I got in and I always loved the Bang Bus stuff and I still do.


I can tell that when you started out filming Chasey it was to have some BTS footage for your movie, it quickly turned into more of a documentary on Chasey’s problems. What was the last straw for you, when you had enough and tossed Chasey off your set?
When she threatened me with her hit man boyfriend. I don’t take well to threats. If your going to do something,  don’t talk about, it just do it. Especially from a cracked out porn whore. I don’t feel bad for her and I think no one should. All these girls do this to themselves and everyone in life has control to make their own choices in life. I don’t do drugs like I used to when I lived in Florida with my wealthy lifestyle. But even then I always had control over what I did. I never ever lost control of it and let it get out of hand. I have never touched and never will touch the hard stuff like meth, crack and all that other crazy stuff out there. I smoked some weed in high school and did some coke and x in my day. I maybe will do a drug a couple times a year now that’s it.



What thought process did you go through that made you decide to put the Chasey vid up on youtube?
I didn’t release the video, but the person I was shooting it for did.


How much time and money was wasted on this shoot. Did you get anything usable ( except the youtube vid) from the hours Chasey spent at your studio?
We wasted about 500 dollars but the client covered it and we wasted about 6 to 8 hours.


How do you respond to the criticism that she is a girl with a problem and you shouldn’t have exposed her in a bad light, to the world?
FUCK THAT!  WHY?  NAME ONE REASON, JUST ONE? Girl with a problem? Everyone has problems, This is 2008 not 1908. Why? Because the public can’t handle the truth?  This comment reminds me of a man I look up to, that has been run through the mud so many times.

Joseph Francis has been bagged on and in trouble so many times, for what? Showing the world that all women have a wild side or that people’s 18 year old daughter are not being a little Catholic school girl that they thought they were being on that 20 thousand dollar trip they paid for at spring break. That their daughter is getting drunk, doing drugs and getting butt fucked by Leroy on the sidewalk in front of a party or club. People need to wake up to reality. We don’t live in the 50’s anymore. Porn is all over the place and a lot of the girls In and out of porn are on drugs. Do you think this is the only time a girl was high on a shoot or the only time Chasey was high on a shoot? People need to loosen up.


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