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Donny Long Responds to PornWikiLeaks Rumors

NL- I notice that it is dated April Fool’s Day. A coincidence?

Op/ed by Donny Long

April 1st, 2011 · 

Donny Long here and Since my name is making world news on some big sites I feel it is right to make a public statement about Porn Wiki Leaks and my involvement and feelings towards whats going on. Below I am going to copy and paste some of my many responses to media sites and edit it up and add some stuff so it might jump around a bit.

I am outside the USA but will be glad to answer anything through email but please give me time to respond.   I will tell you that mark spiegler the gay child rapist and mike south or any of Spieglers few gay friends all fat old ugly jealous losers that didnt have what it took to be a male star and successful business owner like myself talk all kinds of off the wall bullshit about me are spreading a lot of lies and hate about me. They even go as far as to make fake videos about me or say I did gay porn which is more lies and hate. A lot of gays in the industry are doing this as well because of my strong true feelings about gays in straight porn and them destroying it.  Read the Donny Long facts thread on or the about me on donny long .com if you want to know the truth about me. Spiegler is the biggest loser in porn and has been making fake twitter accounts using my name and attacking me for years all over the net. He even has a whole website about me with a bunch of lies. He also has a bunch of accounts messaging people saying he is me and the owner of Porn Wiki Leaks. That guy has no life and sits on his computer 24/7 attacking people. He is the biggest online stalker I have ever seen. How do I know this? Because Pornwikileaks confirmed it and tracked him doing these things to me on PWL. I was talent in the business in over 1000 scenes in a few years and owned a studio and production company and ALL of what I did in porn was very successful.  It was so successful that came in and bought it all and I retired from porn to run my adult job site which is doing very well. I used my connections in the bussines to do the site and it works great. It has all the top companies like brazzers, Vivid and so on hiring models and new comers ever day. It is a great way for people to break into porn. Most of what you see negative online about me is ALL Spiegler or gays including the fake polls where Spiegler used rotating ips and fake accounts to post under.

I have my hands full with over 50 people that signup and make profiles every day on my site and couldnt even pull off a PWL off if I wanted to. I also own and run many other online sites like and many more. If you ask Mark I am broke hahahaha,  not sure if he got that one from one of his tranny boyfriends he has been pictured with online but the guy is just a sack of shit that cons girls into giving him blowjobs for money and work so even if I was broke it would be better than being him. Just by looking at his photo you can figure out his whole life story.

Now here are my feelings about whats going on.  The gays that work in untested gay porn that have spread HIV in the straight business countless times and ruined porn are now under attack by this Porn Wiki leaks website and I don’t feel bad for them one bit. They are also attacking the whole industry pretty much but mostly anyone that hires or works with the gays.  I am not going to comment on how I feel about them attacking the whole industry but I will say it is getting some big attention.  The straight porn business has changed a lot and not for the better and hopefully one day it will get cleaned up and get the scumbags and gays out for good. Hustlet just got fined 14000 dollars for making porn without a condom because of the gays. WHAT THE FUCK! The industry has never ever needed condoms and is fine with just testing monthly if the gays would stay over on the gay side.

On my website we have gays and straights and they are separated by gender and thats the way it should be. When you do a search you can find what you are looking for but they are separate and thats the way it should be. Gays and straight should not be mixed together due to health risks which has been proven from every HIV breakout that has occurred in porn. Gays are not tested and most are “known Positives” and the straight industry is tested every 28 days so its not fair.

If any media sites want a exclusive or want to ask me some questions feel free to contact me.

I will say I am not a part of PWL other than having an account there and having support from the owners because I was one of the only people to speak out about the gays ruining the porn industry for years. I was yelling that this shit was going to happen with condoms because of the gays years before it did.

Thanks, Donny Longx

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