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Donny Long Says He’s Retiring…

Donny Writes me- Well the time has come for you all to throw a big  party because I am done with performing and directing.  I am sure there are a lot of haters  out there happy I am done but so am I. I just got back from traveling 3 countries for 2 months and I will be leaving again soon after I sell my 2 boats, 3 jet skis and truck. I can work on my lap top from anywhere in the world.

I owe a big thanks to all my good friends in the business and anyone that has helped me along the way. I give a BIG FUCK YOU AND DIE to all the scum hater losers that were failures anyway and there are a lot of them in porn. Even the ones that have big companies and are successful now because we will see how long that last and they can keep working while I am retired. and are doing very well for me and the members.The email blast works wonders for people and people are getting overwelmed with work. Basicly for 26.95 you get a personalized email like your agent would send out for you but it comes from your profile and everyone responds to your profile. All those people that wont hire you through your agent and even the ones that would have will now hire you directly. If your a director hiring talent and dont have a profile on my site yet then get one. We have 6409 members now. If your a model with or without a agent get a profile. YOUR AGENT BY LAW CANT STOP YOU FROM GETTING YOUR OWN WORK EVEN IF THEY TELL YOU OTHERWISE, CONTRACT OR NOT. Its califorina law so look it up.

I went to AVN every year and worked a lot there including getting paid big bucks with all exspences paid to sign one year for pink visual when i was the main guy on milfseeker for 2 years, so if your going to AVN this year do the email blast because no one will be able to get you as much work as my site will for 26 bucks and you get your profile on the home page as well.

I came into the business performing and mastered that. Performing in over 500 scenes in my first 2 years in the business. At the third year I opened a production company and it went so well I built and opened the second largest porn studio in the USA after only a month in business. After selling the studio to the biggest porn company in the world and moving back to florida I have got my internet business going well enough that I don’t need to deal with all the other stress now.

There is no reason for me to have to work anymore other than my online stuff.  I always said I was going to retire by the time I was 30 and travel the world and thanks to porn and the people that have helped me along the way, its happening.

If your wanting to follow my path and make money online from home then sign up to and you dont even have to open a website. You can even promote us and make 50% every month and your checks will grow every month from doing stuff as simple as posting on craigslist or backpage or many other places like blogs and message boards with a code we give you that tracks the sales you send us.

To all my friends give me a call whenever my number will be the same and I love to hear whats going on out there and keep up with stuff.
Thanks, Donny Long

My Retirement announcement because of and the new email blast AGENTS cant compete

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