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Donny Long Threatens Mark Spiegler’s Girls

NL-Donny sent me a comment to put up with a list of Mark’s girls’ stage names saying that if those girls didn’t quit working for Mark, Donny would post all their real names. Well I’ll just speak for myself by saying that I will not post the list of stage names or real names. I give everyone more than a fair shot. But when Donny writes me 5 e-mails because he doesn’t like there being directions that could possibly lead to his real name, but he has no second thoughts about putting up the real names of girls who did NOTHING to him, I have a real problem with that.

Donny did also offer to buy an ad on this site, at first I told him I was wary of that because I didn’t think we would get along, but after this most recent attempt to post those names, I moved from wary to no way.

At this time I will not post Donny’s real name or the directions to find it.

I will also not post the real names of the girls he is trying to out.

If Donny publishes those real names anywhere, which puts those girls and their families at risk, those stars will have my full support to help them in anyway I can.

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