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Donny Long Update

I hear that Donny and Dick Tracy finally had their fight the other day. It was outside a club. They wrestled to a draw and walked away.

Dick Tracy emails:

wrestled to a draw huh??? is that what donny said…I got 1 word for this : BULLSHIT..look,I’m all for ending this bullshit but dont get it twisted..donny literally got the teeth beat out of his big fuckin draw here..the only reason hes was able to walk away is because someone called the cops..and no it actually wasnt truth be told the guy never even landed a punch..the guy pulled my hair and yelled alot…not really a draw if you asked several of the people that where there which included will powers danny dukes,my brother,justin syder,bianca dagger,etc..but this will be my last comment on mr.long and I really dont give a shit eitherway but again,lets not bullshit each other took your beating like a man and ended this fiasco so I’m not bitter made the bed now you layed in it..end of story…

Donny emails:

Hi Luke,
Let me tell you what happened. That shit talking little faggot ran around saying I was scared to fight him and then walked into a club where I was at. He was Very surprised when I wanted to call him on it and beat the fuck out of him and I was not scared like he thought. Fortunately I called him out in front of alot of people and told him he better fucking back up his words and called him outiside!!!I told him if he was a man to step up to the plate and
take a swing like a real player! I then beat the fuck out of him and used his face as a punching bag while I ripped out all his fake faggot hair out of his head while he cried like a bitch right outside Ivar in hollywood. As he is known for ,like when he got his ass beat by craven moorehead he wont admit to it. He is running around saying he beat my ass and still talking shit! Point is thats why I want it filmed in front of the whole industry!!! This guy is a joke ” a old fat porn guy that cant get his dick hard or hired anymore” I call out anyone that wants to coordinate the event. I have people
that will film it free and girls to get in the ring as well. I can even get girls to do content for the dvd. Lets put this together so I can shut him up infront of everyone! Like I told him when I was pounding his face in, Im from miami and I dont play that shit! By the way someone was telling me how in his gay gangbang movie how a reviewer said how well he eats man ass in the dvd the only thing he ever did right in a porno hahahhaha also that he
has been getting alot of offers lately since my last post to do more gay porn.

Wanted to email you to post up some info about this new 19 year old Faye Runaway.A girl I brought into the biz this week. Also some of the projects I have going on. Yes me and the evil ex girlfriend are no longer together “thank god” THAT FUCKING BACK STABBING FUCKING BITCH. Since we broke up I have been able to open my eyes and I have all sorts of things going on that I couldn’t do for the last year. I have been really busy as talent and want to stay that way but Recruting girls through myspace and
and I am now trying to become a webmaster and I have 103 sites im working on putting affiliates content all over them.

I am also shooting my own stuff and will be looking for dvd deals soon. pretty much I have no time but working in front and behind the camera and computer now round the clock. Also monster had a really cool useful pornstar group that we all miss on myspace and I have decided its time for another
its huge go here
Anyways about this girl she is a sweet heart and is 19 years old 98 lbs and walking into the biz doing anal/dp and wants to make serious money. Her name says it all she looks like a cute teen runaway. Anyone who has not heard she is with and her pix came up today.

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