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Donny Long vs Kevin at Type 9 Models-Kevin will sue

This is my take on the Donny/Kevin drama. Here’s a bit of the He said/He said that is going around. I don’t know what is true, as of right now it is back and forth opinions of many players. if Donny, Kevin or anyone involved wants to tell their side, just drop me a line. You can read all the details at

Donny says he lost money on a shoot because of one of Type 9’s Models ( Rebecca Linares) didn’t want to do the DP Gangbang she was scheduled for because one of the guy’s dick was too big. After doing the stills and some of the video, she said she was too sore to continue. She was to come back next week and finish the shoot, and according to Donny, Kevin from Type 9 models and Rebecca agreed to pay the kill fees (out of her pay) that resulted in the shoot being canceled.

Next week comes and Rebecca cancels. Donny wants the kill fees and eventually it is determined that Kevin won’t pay them.

So Donny goes off on Kevin and decides that the best revenge is to book the girls from Type 9 Models around Kevin, which of course means that Kevin gets no money from those shoots.


Ok guys since Kevin at type 9 models has refused to pay us kill fees he owes us which he has done before to others. All the other agents pay when one of their girls causes a problem and cost us money why shouldn’t Kevin? So now we got something for you that will save you the trouble and money.

 Since Kevin told us Rebecca was not under a contract and that most of his girls are not either I came up with a great idea to help the whole industry save money not paying his pimping fee since he doesn’t deserve it not standing behind his word.


Kevin e-mails Donny ( this is also from Donny’s site)-

I guess it is time for us to dance. This will be my last correspondence with you before we move full steam ahead. I will only ask you one time to please remove the website, with all the girls myspace attached to them, along with not contacting my talent and all the other shenanigans. You have not made me mad yet mainly because I find it humorous that you are doing this stuff. I want you to know I am filling a class action lawsuit against you and your company.


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