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Donny Long’s Response

NL-There is some language in this post I would normally not allow, but I think it’s neccessary to convey Donny’s thoughts.


OP/ED by Donny Long

A Big Fuck You and a Big Thank You to Monica Dumpster aka Monica Foster
Dec 29 2010
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For those of you that don’t know Monica Foster real name ######## the web cam model, prostitute, accused Lenny Dykstra the all American baseball hero of hiring her to fuck her and then giving her a bad check right before the holiday’s.

She did this in a desperate attempted to get money right before Christmas because she read online that he was down on his luck and in a bad money situation. She thought Lenny would pay her to shut up but instead the fans of Lenny’s around the world attacked her on the world wide web. They also asked that she prove it and post a copy of the check which she didn’t have because it was all a lie. If it was true she wouldn’t have a problem posting the check!

There are people on by the hundreds posting and attacking her and she thinks all of them are me. How stupid can someone be to see a site that gets over 20k page views A DAY can only have one poster. I will say this one more time. My email address is donnylong AT XXXFILMJOBS.COM and that hotmail account had got hacked a while back but i got it back and have no control over what people set in there websites script to send email from .PHP on a return address. It could be set to look like it came from anywhere so you reply to that. ITS CALLED SPAM! DUMB ASS!

I DON”T RUN THAT FORUM but I do have a lot of pull over there and I DID NOT POST THE STUFF SHE IS SAYING I POSTED! It was ALL posted by the members and posters. I do wish i was the one to find it all and post it now though.

She then made a smear campaign against me and many others in the adult industry which at lest one of them from what I hear that lives in the USA is trying to sue her. She then focuses all her attention to me which was her worst mistake and will be her last in the porn business when I am done letting the world know what a scam this hooker is.

What is more funny is EVERYTHING she is doing including emailing and posting contact info of hosting companies, domain registers, calling laywer, calling police and who knows what else, with her lies and cries is not working.

She is just getting laughed at and making it worse. I WARNED THIS CUNT NOT TO FUCK WITH ME AND GAVE HER 24 HOURS TO STOP but she was to stupid and wanted to play ball so NOW the games will begin.


I just wanted to give Monica Dumpster AKA Monica Foster a big fuck you for being such a stupid hooker for running her fag hole on the internet about me, and Lenny for that matter. She needs to go back to sucking Derek hay’s boyfriend, Christianx’s HIV fag cum for a living so her father Ivan Leacock and her sister Alexandra Mayer can be proud.

She keeps trying anything she can to hurt me and does nothing but fail like she has her whole life. The more she fights me like anyone else has, the more she will get stepped on everywhere she looks. I have several, several, several thousands of members on my hundreds of sites and fansunlike her 6 hits a day and 4 million on Alexa ranking. You fucked with the wrong bull you stupid worthless cum dumpster hooker.

There is nothing and I mean nothing she can do to hurt me. She on the other hand made me laugh so hard the other day that a little pee came out when she was crying on her web cam show, Classic dumb whore that thought she could pop off at the mouth and now still has not learned her lesson.

If she keeps it up I will not stop either and I will make another blog post about her and send it off to all my members like this one is being sent. I ask people to goto . and make a couple different free domains and pages about her since she wants to do it to others. I think I might throw this one up on lol


My blogs and paysites traffic and sales just went up Monica and I have to thank you for it. I might post some traffic stats from my Google Analytics for the month to show it and the signups to show everyone. Oh wait you don’t even know what that is do you or how to setup your own site miss .blogspot RALMFAO. YOU WON’T WIN WHORE. Maybe I will go out and buy another Jet ski this week for one of my fuck toys, I have 3 already, Oh wait maybe a jet boat ahahaha

As far as Cindi Stupis aka Cindi Loftus at lukeisback goes I don’t like the cunt because of the simple fact she pretends not to take sides but she does and post what she likes and thinks is “PC”. She will post one persons story but not the other side of the story. is a REAL news site where people can speak freely not like her ass kissing blog.

Just like when she posted all the bullshit Mark Spiegler the child rapist was posting about me and that site he made full of lies about me but wouldn’t post my side with this link about Mark.

Cindi Loftus asked for my side of the story on her last rant and I am giving it to her all above but watch and see if it gets posted in full or at all. That will just prove my point. I am right again just like when the fags brought HIV into porn. I TOLD YOU SO!

Hate us or love us don’t forget is where all the real large porn companies hire models. Just read our blog and look at our home page for proof and testimonials. Our email blast to over 12k members will get you work.

Now I have to get back to my Margareta and and spear gun here at the beach. Talk to you later.
Thanks, Donny Long

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