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Donny Longs Speaks…

Donny writes- Mike South and the rest of you homosexuals still dont get it because you never will. Hey all of your wiki’s look great and will be up in ten years from now and I will still be sitting here laughing then. No one is going to jail but you scumbags that break the law pimping and pandering, gay hooking and who knows what else. Hey Mike, I heard you use to clean toilets at NASA before you became a bukkake set mop boy, that’s something really to be proud of isn’t it? Hey Jeremy Steele, do anymore gay films lately? Hows work going for ya? HAHAHAAA

Hey if anyone wants to see my wiki over there it looks great


Hey Cindi if you have any questions feel free to email them to me and I will be glad to answer them for you and the rest of the gay mafia.

Hi Donny,
Sure I have some questions for you…

1. You say you are not involved with PWL, but are just a member. Then how come your sites like xxxfilmjobs and the one you made with Derek Hay’s name, and the one about Mark Speigler and PWL all have the same google analytics account number?

2. What is the Gay Mafia? And how did you decide who were members? How did I get involved?

3. I notice you now have a bunch of legal speak on the front of the PWL trying to turn it all around, it’s a parody, PWL didn’t post the families of porn stars information your members did and it’s been taking down, etc..  Sounds like damage control after the fact to me.

4. I received an email today (its going around) with the names, ages, occupations, addresses etc of your parents, would you mind if people post it on their sites?

5. I hear you are taking credit for my site being down. Explain to us all how you did it?

6. Overall, what is the point of having a site that has the real names of porn stars and exposes their families, and uses a bunch of sexual & racial slurs on it? What positive outcome does it acheive?

7. Since you are not the owner and do not run PWL as you stated, who does?

Thank you for your answers.

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