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Donny Pauling’s Journey

From the Chico News & Review:

A year ago, Donny Pauling was raking in the dough. And he got to look at hot chicks—naked hot chicks—all day. Working under the name Donovan Philips, he made his living as a porn producer, in Chico, for almost a decade.

Today he’s enrolling in the seminary.

“People were really starting to get hurt,” he said recently while sipping an iced Chai downtown. “I kept pushing it away, but it was there.”

Pauling grew up the son of a pastor. He was born in Redding, but moved around a lot, attending five different high schools. Witnessing the ugliness of many of the church-goers’ behaviors turned him off to Christianity.

“I wanted to get as far away from it as I could,” he said.

Can’t get much farther away than porn.

And so, at the age of 24, Donny and his camera were in business. All he needed was a large group of attractive, preferably barely legal young women willing to take off their clothes. He started by approaching exotic dancers. Then he realized Chico State students were ripe for the picking.

“Where else can you go where there are 1,500 new freshman girls every year?” Pauling posed, adding: “They come to a party school for a reason.”

He estimates he photographed more than 500 Chico State students—and even a few faculty—in his nine years in the biz. Mostly solo, nude softcore stuff. His Web site,, became locally infamous (he sold it last year, before he quit producing), but he also did a lot of contract work—selling the photos to other Web sites and companies, including Playboy.

He wasn’t shy about it, either.

Donny says: “Maybe the next time you feel like masturbating in front of that screen, think about the fact that that girl’s father probably doesn’t talk to her anymore.”

I fear that’s not going to deter many men from soiling themselves. I solicit my readers to send in suggestions of catchy phrases to help men to stop wanking to porn.

Vin posts on XPT: “Jerk off and you’ll end up alone and poor like Luke.”

Conky adds:

I often have trouble working out your motivation, Luke. Are you actually having a full on breakdown right now?

Since when is the natural emission of semen considered “soiling” oneself? Since most doctors now agree that the release of semen can actually help to prevent prostate cancer, I find your suggestion of total abstinence to be a risky medical procedure.

Just because the rest of us don’t pine for the days when wallabies messed with our junk, it doesn’t make jerking off evil. Unless you’re basing your entire life on a book written before electricity was even thought of.

So here’s a thought; go full out on your religion, Luke. Cut the power to the hovel, throw the PC out the window, get rid of any man-made fiber clothing….just go the whole hog.

Maybe that way, you’ll be taken seriously as the zealot you seem to want to be.

Alternatively, you could just pull a shot of Holly up on your screen and jerk yourself into a sobbing crescendo of lust. After that, I recommend self-loathing and push ups.

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