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Donny Says Uncle… and what happened

by Donny Long

The gay mafia has been pushing limits and breaking several laws including making death threats to me and anyone they thought was involved with

I got a tip from a friend that someone was offered 5000 dollars to have the police plant drugs on me which anyone that knows me, knows I dont do drugs. Another guy offered him money to have me killed. My family had also been harassed as well. All these things being done to me and others before PWL even started was what lead to PWL being put up in the first place.

Many people have had a lot of negative lies posted about them all over the net just like I have. I left porn and retired for a reason and dont like to be bothered. I have been harassed and threatened by many since the whole thing has started and have had enough.

I ask that all my personal info and negative lies  on the net be removed including all the fake twitter accounts, Mark Spieglers hate site about me, TRPWL, Mike Souths site, LIB and where ever else. You all know what it feels like now to be exposed and harassed online and if you dont want it done to you then dont do it to me or others. I think most will understand this and if not it just shows what a scumbags you are for doing what you hated PWL doing.

The difference between PWL and the people that fought it was PWL never broke any laws, allowing people to threatened to harm others or anything like that. The people that fought it on the other hand broke laws and made death threat after death threat, hacking, DDOSing, and many more crimes.

Here is one of the many threats I got in my inbox from the gay mafia a while back:

“hey donny, so how did it feel to get your email hacked bro? you mad? you >> might not be in the US, but your dad is. So, I am going to pretend that he >> is you and give him whats coming to you. hows that sound brah? Trust me. I >> got your daddys home address, I know where he works, I know what car he >> drives, etc… too bad you are too much of pussy to take it like a man and >> you gotta put your daddy in the line of fire. but oh wells bro, make your >> peace with daddy cause its almost time >> >> and just FYI – this isn’t mark or mike you fag.”

If you want to all live in peace and see PWL stay down then I ask you to leave me alone. I have been forced to skip countries and watch my back everywhere because of the gay mob that started all of this and dont want the hassle anymore.

Julian Assange and the real wikileaks have a lot of truth on there site and the public hates the truth a lot of the time. Julian has been hacked, threatened and even has a case brought against him people say was a setup by the government. PWL has a lot of truths on it and people sometimes just dont like the truth.

A big difference between and PWL was that the public made PWL. I can tell you that most of the posters, wiki editors and people that made the content of the site were the porn industry insiders doing it to people that worked along side the people they were bashing. I would like to sell and get completely out of the business and off the net if someone is interested in buying it.

What PWL did and the changes it has made for the business has been good. I look it as a mission accomplished if all that came out of it is people got to see what a site like that is capable of.

Dont twist my words because I am not saying I am the owner of PWL but I am saying that the site was there for a purpose and the purpose has been met for now unless the attacks continue.  If you would like to contact me and talk about things feel free to shoot me a email to xxxfilmjobs AT hotmail DOT com

I will update you guys later with more but for now I have to run so be back later. Keeping Checking here for updates.

PS. If the site reapears you can blame whoever didnt remove all the bullshit, libel and or personal info about me or others.

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