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Donny Threatening to Put PWL Back Up

Mike South causing PWL to go back online?
JUL 15 2011
by Donny Long

Looks like Mike South is still striring the pot and wish he would stop. All he has to do is pull all the bullshit and ATTACKS down off his site and STOP attacking people. I am trying hard to keep PWL down but people are not happy. Here is a email I just got from a PWL member. This is not the only one.

“The truce isn’t really a truce. Your not going after ther peopl;e with site being down but thier still having open season on your people. Im getting threats still today I think from one of the women Foster or Torres. Saying shit like the others are going to supena my name for a lawsuit they have lawyers working on and that they “know people” near the area of my family. You can’t leave us in the lerch here. What if they they attack you again worse? If they get my name and put it out there my bitch ex will use it to permanently keep me out of my kids lives. If that happens I’ll have nothing to live for and will lash out at them even more extreme. Might as well send myself to prison. They also say is no money to keep site going. Bullshit. If they expose me I’ll use every bit of my life savings and max out all my credit cards to fund that shit and lots of people got downloads. They attacked you with sites at first. You hit back harder and then they hit back harder by breaking the law with death threats and hacks. If the cycle doesn’t end I’ll hit back even harder. This is why there is always war in the world. This is a window of opportunity for them and everyone else. Demand that they leave ALL your people alone permanently if we are to leave all of them alone with the site staying down. Otherwise everyone will keep getting pulled back in. I’m desperate so please only take a real truce that covers everyone. Please post on this to update people.”

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