Don’t Leave Your Sex Toy on the Underground!

So, you’re at home, hanging out. You get a little horny so you whip out your sex toy and get rude. You get down and dirty and then maybe you slip your toy in your bag. The next day you’re going to work and you’re in London on the underground. You are starting to wake up with your daily coffee in your hand and then it hits you. Your dildo is still in your purse! Oh wow what can you do. Well you end up dumping the thing and leaving it to the pack in the subway car. At least this is what happens according to Transport for London. Last year, 35 people left their sex toys on the train, and more than half of them came back to get them from the lost and found. Would you be too ashamed to get your dildo from some stranger or would you be brave and go back and get it?

Well, apparently some other sexy items were left on there too. There were 4 people who left some Viagra on the train. Hopefully they were able to get boners anyways. Every year about 300,000 items are left on the underground trains that run through London and dildos aren’t even the weirdest items. One person left a total of $20,000 and another person left a formal judge’s wig. Another hapless person even left an urn full of ashes. Of course it’s only natural that when you are distressed you might forget to bring the most essential of items.

This does kind of remind of the time that some people in Mexico City installed seats on the public transport there that had some dildos on them. The publicity stunt was supposed to highlight how sexual harassment makes everyone feel gross, but it really brought a sexy and weird tone to everyone’s morning commute. A few years back there was also a guy in the NYC subway system who was tormenting people with a big black dong. He would shake it in their faces then put it away for a few moments before starting all over again.

The point is that no one should really be playing with their sex toys on a train, but if you accidentally leave your fake cock on one, there’s a chance you can still get it back. The rumors of the NYC MTA’s lost and found room are those of epic legend and rumor has it there are all sorts of amazing things of wonder there, and probably yes, more than a couple dildos! Keep a close hold on your favorite sex toys because if they get lost in public transportation who knows what could happen to them!

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