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Don’t Mess With Jenna!

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According to– Walter Latham was not too happy with a comedian appearing on his new show “Comedy After Dark”. Jenna Jameson hosted the show and introduced comedian Ray Lipowski. When Ray did his act he “aggressively taunted” Jenna for allegedly mispronouncing his name. Latham was so pissed off that when Lipowski left the stage, Latham punched him and broke his jaw. also says a warrant has been issued for Latham’s arrest.

Latham on his twitter account says there is another side to the story and he apologises to anyone that he offended.
Latham said “I make mistakes and I’m sorry to everyone for any grief my mistakes may have caused I’m far from perfect but pray to be better everyday”

NL- Easy lesson to learn in all of this, don’t mess with Jenna!

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