Down to Fuck? Top 10 Best Hookup Sites of 2019 to Get You Laid (100%)

Hooking up and finding someone in real life for casual sex is not easy at all.

First and the foremost you have to find that person attractive, and if he or she is attractive, then you need to approach them.

After befriending them, you will have to form chemistry, and if he or she starts falling for you as well, you will have to make it very clear that you are not looking for committed relationships.

After taking all these precautions, you will have to build a physical intimacy with that person, and then you can finally get laid.

However, one can avoid all these complex procedures simply by creating an account with a perfect hook-up site. 

There are many hook-up sites on the internet which are more suitable for those who are looking for casual flings and non-serious yet steamy affairs.

Hooking up with someone whom you have met on a dating site is fun, and the experience can get more blissful and convenient to you especially when they do not charge you for anything.

Yes, there are many apps in this world which are meant for the non-serious relationship seekers.

We have found some of the best free hook-up sites for you which are not only effective but also allow you to find your right mate with ease.

These are the top 10 free hook-up sites on the internet right now:

Top 10 Best Hookup Sites to Get You Laid (100% Success)



Check price

Instant Hookups



free hookups

​Free Hook-ups


sex finder

Sex Finder


be naughty-min





pure dating





saucy dates

Saucy Dates


easy sex

Easy Sex


meet bang

Meet Bang


You must check all our article on the best teen dating sites to spice up your sex life. 

#1. Fuckbooknet

Estimated visits last month – 2.8 million

If you are looking for one night stands, casual sex encounters or no strings attached sex them Fuckbooknet is the ideal hook-up site for you.

They not only provide an appealing dating environment to find your ideal hook-up partner but also allow you to pick someone who lives close to yours.

Moreover, membership is offered at a free cost which is a great advantage to its users.

  • check

    You need an e-mail id to register on this site. Therefore, you do not have to link your Facebook account to register on this site.

  • check

    As soon as you enter this site, you will be asked a few questions on your birth date, sex preferences, location, etc. and they will ask you your e-mail id. Therefore, the registration process gets very quick and seamless on this site.

  • check

    It is an international hook-up site which caters its services across the world so that you can find your perfect hook-up partner easily.

  • check

    It is a legit site with genuine members, and the site does a thorough background verification to prevent scammers from getting in.

  • check

    There are thousands of gorgeous women out there who are looking to get laid, and therefore you can experience some real fun by using this site.

  • The changes of getting real action are much higher on this site, and you need to play it cool and casual to get lucky.

  • The site has an interesting design which stimulates you enough to start your sex dating experience.

  • It might not be working as well for all the locations depending upon the demographics of that particular region.

#2. Free Hook-ups

Estimated visits last month – 274.5K is a dating portal not meant for the people who are looking for romantic and serious dates.

It is a hook-up site meant for those who want to taste some real action by engaging in a hot steamy affair with someone they find attractive.

As the name tells, it is a completely free dating site with no hidden charges which makes it all the more desirable.

It is scam-free and legit hook-up site and all the members are genuine and there to get laid with someone they get attracted to.

Due to all these features, Free Hook-ups is an ideal platform for casual sex date seekers.

  • check

    The site is 100% free with no hidden charges.

  • check

    You need an e-mail id to register on this portal, and they do not ask you to use your Facebook account as well.

  • check

    The design and the layout of this hook-up site are simple, but it is very easy to understand and use.

  • check

    The site looks like a social networking portal, but it is effective in helping you to get casual sex dates.

  • check

    It is a genuine hook-up site with no scammers and fake profiles whatsoever.

  • There are thousands of handsome men and sexy women out there who are looking for some real action.

  • It is one of the best hook-up sites on the internet with a high success ratio when it comes to finding your ideal sex partner.

  • They ask you your credit card details to activate the free account.

  • When you enter your e-mail id the welcome e-mail of the site goes to your spam box which is not a great thing and makes it a suspicious site even though it is a legit one.

#3. Sex Finder

Estimated visits last month – 609.1K

As its name suggests, Sex Finder is not a lazy dating site, but it helps you in meeting real people and getting laid.

Also, the name is clear enough to keep away those who are looking for just fun or serious relationships.

Sex Finder is one of the best hook-up sites and what makes it more lucrative is the fact that its services are offered at zero cost.

There are few legit hook-up sites which as hassle-free and works perfectly, and Sex Finder is one of them.

  • check

    The site boasts of over 40 million members which mean that thousands of members will be online anytime when you log-in.

  • check

    The design of this site is not too impressive, but it certainly is hassle-free and ad-free which make it a good choice for enjoying a cool dating experience.

  • check

    It is an international dating site which can be used from any part of the world.

  • check

    The site can be run in 11 languages which makes it easy to use for those who are not convenient with the English language.

  • check

    There are thousands of sexy women and men who are looking for casual sex encounters and flings on this site.

  • It does not have fake members and is a legit website that runs without bots.

  • Though it is an international hook-up site, it works only for certain parts of the world.

  • The homepage of this site shows the members that live in your area and are looking to get laid. Sometimes those members can be too far from you.

  • The profile pictures of some members are not real, and there is no photo verification system to remove the fake photos.

Estimated visits last month – 17.5 million is a free hook-up site which enables you to find people who are ready for casual sex and one night stands.​

It is also quite a popular dating site which is also used to have online fun and sex chat purposes.

You can join for free on this dating site however for connecting with your ideal partner you will have to opt for a premium account.

There are many features on this site which are integrated to give you a convenient experience and therefore it is a cool hook-up site.

  • check

    The design and overall appearance of this site are interesting.

  • check

    The layout is clutter-free, and navigation is smooth which help you to enjoy a seamless experience.

  • check

    There are millions of registered members on this site and gets updated regularly with new members who make it an interesting option for the casual sex seekers.

  • The site is more suitable for having online sex and fun. The chances of finding someone to get laid is quite less as compared to other hook-up sites.

  • The premium plan gets renewed if you do not cancel your subscription. You will have to undo the auto-renewal program if you do not want this to happen.

  • It is an international hook-up site, but it is more active in only certain parts such as France, Australia, Span, Canada, USA, U.K, etc. Therefore, members of other countries can find it to be less fruitful.

#5. Tinder

Estimated visits last month – 54.8 million

Tinder is an ideal dating site for getting laid, and everyone knows about it.

Though it has been lately trying to fit in the sophisticated dating frame, people still use it mainly for one night stands and no strings attached sex relations.

It is also available now for the mobile and iPhone users which make it an ideal dating site for everyone.

Tinder can be used for free, but if you want to experience some of its premium features, then there are two types of premium plan viz.

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. The Tinder Plus plans start at $2.99 per month, and the Tinder Gold plans start at $4.99 per month.

The fun dating and hook-up experience Tinder provides make it one of the most happening and popular hook-up sites on the internet today.

  • check

    All the features of this hook-up site can be accessed free of cost.

  • check

    The design is elusive and overall experience provided by Tinder is superb.

  • check

    It is an international hook-up site in the true sense since members from the remotest corners of the world are registered on Tinder.

  • check

    There are millions of registered users on Tinder which multiply your chances of getting laid.

  • check

    It can be used for online fun dating and also for meeting up real people.

  • Its premium plans are very affordable as compared to the other premium hook-up sites.

  • You can find someone who has the fetishes and kinks which are similar to you and if you are lucky enough you might get to meet that person in real.

  • People use it more for fun and shy away from meeting in real on Tinder.

  • Tinder has few scammers and fake profiles as well, and you need to be careful about them.

#6. Pure

Estimated visits last month – 191K

Pure is a hook-up site meant purely for those who are interested in casual flings and sexual encounters with strangers.

The look and feel of this site are great and entice you to look forward to meeting new members and to build chemistry before actually meeting up.

The best part of this site is that it is a completely free site and it is also one of the more popular sites on the dating network today.

It is integrated with cool features, and the privacy of the members is maintained to provide them with a comfortable dating platform.

  • check

    It is also available in app form for the mobile phone users.

  • check

    The privacy of the users is maintained, and all the information is kept confidential on this site.

  • check

    It has a unique feature which removes your profile after 1 hour persistently to ensure complete privacy of the users. However, the users can restore their profile whenever they want to.

  • check

    Once you find an attractive match, you need to chat and exchange your contact information before 1 hour because after 1 hour your profile will get automatically erased. It increases your chances of meeting up real people.

  • check

    Pure is an ideal hook-up site for those who are willing to have fun without leaving any footprints behind.

  • The self-destructing nature of your profile forces you to be on your toes whenever you are using it. It can also get frustrating sometimes.

  • People who wish to get to know other before meeting up in real will not find it suitable.

Estimated visits last month – 6 million might not be the as elusive and happening site for the online hookers, but it is still a fun and interesting dating site for those who are also looking to have casual sex dates.

Also, it is completely free and is dedicated to providing you with a mess-free and minimum and experience to provide you with a convenient dating experience.

The overall features of this site are quite good, and its millions of registered members approve the fact that it is effective in helping people meet as well.

Due to all these features, we were compelled to add Mingle2 on our free hook-up site list.

  • check

    It is completely free, and you will never be asked to enter your credit card details.

  • check

    The user-interface of this website is quite good and promotes a hassle-free experience to the users.

  • check

    The database of is huge which provides you with plenty of options to find your ideal partner.

  • check

    Mingle2 is suitable for online dating, fun and also for casual fling purposes.

  • It is not meant exclusively for sex dating.

  • Some of the premium features are missing, and the look and feel of this site are simple.

#8. Saucy Dates

Estimated visits last month – 170.8K

Saucy Date is a perfect platform for those individuals who expect steamy affairs, sexual encounters, and hot dating experience.

It is a free website which has lots of useful features for the free members.

However, the premium upgrade is optional, and it is used only to boost your profile and make it more visible to others.

There are numerous exclusive features on this hook-up site which no ordinary hook-up site can offer and therefore it is a great site for all those crazy freaks out there.

  • check

    You can find your partner with the help of a location-based search.

  • check

    It is mobile and tablet friendly as well.

  • check

    You can engage in a steamy private chat session using this site.

  • check

    You may also exchange your pictures in the private chat room.

  • check

    You can also see the members who have visited your profile.

  • It is more suitable for the residents of the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, India, and a few other countries.

  • It is not a completely free hook-up site.

#9. Easy Sex

Estimated visits last month – 2 million is a site which is meant exclusively for those who are looking for one night stands and casual sex encounters.

It is a completely free website with no charges whatsoever.

Moreover, it provides you with matches that live near your area and makes hook-ups an easy possibility.

The registration process is super fast, and you need not provide any of your confidential information to sign-up on this site.​

These and many more features make it one of the best hook-up sites on the internet today.

  • check

    You can start chatting with other through a message board, or you can also indulge in a private chat on this site.

  • check

    Live web chat is provided for those who are looking to have fun.

  • check

    You can also send a private mail to those members who attract you the most.

  • check

    There are no crazy pop-ups and adverts to bug you on this hook-up site.

  • check

    You can also meet up a person who you find trustable and hot through this site.

  • There are some fake profiles on this site.

  • New users can find it to be a bit confusing.

#10. Meet Bang

Estimated visits last month – 310.9K

Meet Bang claims to provide you with a fuck buddy within an hour, and if it is true, then it is a lucrative site for those who are looking to get laid.

Moreover, it is a free hook-up site that does not charge you for accessing the features.

They provide you with some of the hottest men and women who live nearby you which increase your chances of meeting up with them.

All these features make Meet Bang a perfect site for casual sex seekers.

  • check

    The members of this site and only looking for sexual encounters and therefore it is a pretty good site for the individuals who are in desperate search of wild nights.

  • check

    You need an e-mail id to register on this site, and Facebook account is not required.

  • check

    The site is user-friendly and looks fairly impressive as well.

  • There might be many fake profiles on this site.

  • It has comparatively lesser members when we compare it with the leading hook-up sites.

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