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DP’s new Star Rio Valentine. Beauty, yes. Brains, uhh, You decide…

This is Rio’s first post over at (Great site)    Notice her Tittle…, guess spell check doesn’t check tittles.

Rio Valentine

My first movie tittle is:)

posted Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Hello everyone. My week has been great! I had a live radio show with y101 in
Richmond, VA and a bunch of interviews. Also went to see Dane Cook on Friday. I
couldn’t stop laughing. On the 3rd I’m going sky diving! I can’t wait! It’s
something I’ve always wanted to do. ? Not to mention I’m going with like 10
close friends / family members. Since I’ve signed with Digital Playground my
life holds endless possibilities, and I can’t wait to see what my future in their hands
holds for me. From now ’til Tuesday, I’m just relaxing. My buddy Mat has gone to Alabama
to see his family, so I’m kinda bored. lol Who wants to keep me company? I’m

probably going to be living at the beach this week working on my sexy tan.

Oh yeah, one last thing: my first movie with Digital Playground ss called “Whore
it Up”. There are a lot of hot, sexy, naughty little extras, so you better keep
your eyes open.

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