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Dr. Sharon Mitchell Says Has the Whole World Lost it’s Mind?


by dr.mitch 7.17.09 page 1 of 1




AIM Healthcare has been successfully taking care of the industry, and sexually active folks, since 1998. When we started the disease rate in the Industry was by our count (the accurate one), 12%. Within two and one half years, it has been holding at between 1.9 %, and on a bad month 3.4%, FOR ALMOST 10 YEARS NOW.


We have found fewer than 20 civilian cases of HIV, and reported them to the LADHS accordingly, between 2004 and 2009. Why you heard on the radio and in the fish wrap from LADHS that the number of HIV cases had changed from 16 to18 cases, to “we really can’t be sure”, is because the day after it was reported, AIM received frantic calls from LADHS demanding that we re-send the civilian HIV records dated between 2004-2009, is because LSDHS had “misplaced” them. (Accuracy in figures? Huh….). Well, AIM does not “misplace records”, thank you very much.


AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Michael Weinstein, is braying statistics on STD infections from the Adult Industry quoted from LADHS, that are duplicates of patients who retested after medicated to see if the meds had taken effect yet, and they could return to work. These patients’ retests have been counted as new cases by LADHS.


This last case of HIV has been overseen by our HIV specialist, our Medical Director, and both of our staff Doctors, in conjunction with our wonderful staff, and our three Laboratories. No mistakes or false reporting whatsoever, on behalf of AIM.


This last HIV case WAS NOT A WORK PLACE EXPOSURE. (Industry folks do have private lives you know) As a result of our investigating up to fourth generation partners, which equated to fifteen potential exposures who were contacted within 36 hours, and thanks to AIM’s early detection testing, NO ONE IN THE INDUSTRY HAS COME UP POSITIVE, NOR ARE THEY EXPECTED TO!

So, has the Whole World Gone Crazy? We think so!


Now we have OSHA so far up our butts we have a sore throat. We are being harassed, ridiculed, publicly humiliated and slandered by our own Health Department, who is terrifying our patients by double and triple investigating people who have long been medicated for STD’s, as well as their partners (we wonder what that is costing CA?). We are paying more lawyers then staff, and we have a competing HIV testing clinic executive jumping to a conclusion so far, he may break a leg.

Final Fact:

The early detection test that AIM uses, (which came back within twenty four hours) had detected the HIV infection so early, that it took seven days for AIM to get a report back from the lab that is acceptable by LADHS. The LA County HIV Dept. does not accept AIM’s confirmatory tests until we submit the result of the test that they insist upon, which is why it took seven days for LA County to receive the initial report. Not that anyone in this office was purposely waiting or failing to “cooperate” or “just sitting around while people are dying”. In fact, this HIV case was detected so early that it is doubtful that any viral load was present to transmit, and thankfully, has not.

AIM uses up to twelve HIV/STD confirmatory tests with each patient when this happens. AIM repeats this protocol periodically, and frequently, at AIM’s own expense, with each patient to insure the accuracy as well as insuring that our patients are not infected.

Reality is that the standard HIV test that LADHS uses may not yet have even shown positivity, and by the time the County clap chasers got on it, the whole industry would be dying.

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