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Dr Suzy- An Expert & Fixture In The Adult Industry- Exclusive Interview!


by Jon of

1 What is your idea of sexual bliss ?
 My idea of sexual bliss is lying in my lover’s arms after we have both enjoyed several orgasms together, our flesh melting into each other, sharing a cosmic connection and maybe a few giggles, just before drifting into dreamland.

 2 Which sex therapist most inspired you?

Dr. Alfred Kinsey, Margaret Sanger, Aristippus of Cyrene, Dr. Ruth, Dr. Betty Dodson

3 Which is your favourite vice?
Sex, of course!  Sex isn’t “vicey” enough? Ok, Kinky Sex!  Next question…

4 Which fault in sexual performance can you forgive in a lover?
That depends on the lover.  If we’re talking about my husband, I can forgive just about anything because I’ve loved him so long and I will love him eternally.  If we’re talking about a Temp Lover—perhaps a playpal at the Speakeasy during  one of our erotic after-parties– I’m a lot less forgiving.  If a Temp Lover even gives me a look I don’t like, I might leave him or her for another potential lover I see in a different corner of the Speakeasy.  I’m very loyal to my husband and close friends, but love to tease and deny new and irregular playpals…

5 Who is you favourite author and who are your favourite characters in erotic literature?
Anais Nin writing about Anais Nin comes to mind.  I also love Milan Kundera and the character of Sabina in “The Unbearable Lightness of Being.”  And there are so many more…But my longtime favorite body of erotic literature are the ancient Greek myths.  Who is their author? Homer? Humanity? The cosmos? Who knows? As for the characters, I love all the Greek Gods and Goddesses; the good and the bad ones are equally fascinating.  I suppose my favorite, ever since I was a very little girl, would have to be Eros, God of Sex, Love and Life itself.  I’m not talking about the little Baby Cupid version of Eros found in sappy Valentines (though he can be kind of cute), I’m talking about the gorgeous young man-God with wings and a perpetual hard-on, not to mention arrows that pierce His victims with sweet passion.  I’m also talking about the infinitely ancient Eros, one of the original creators of the universe, who is said to have blown the breath of life into all living creatures.  This is what I call the Original Blow Job ? And this is why I celebrate Eros Day every year at my Speakeasy, when the planetoid EROS 433 is closest to Earth.  Next Eros Day will be January 22, 2011 when Eros will be played by Michael Vegas and Venus by Misti Dawn.

6.What’s your favourite sex toy?
My favorite sex toy is my husband’s penis.  Next would be my girlfriends’ tongues—or anybody’s talented fingers ? In terms of inanimate objects, I enjoy Good Vibrations.  My Hitachi Magic Wand is the Mother of All Vibrators, though technically it’s a massager. But I love my Pocket Rockets for travel and convenience.  My glass and steel dildos are also close to my heart; well, closer to other parts, but I don’t know how graphic you want to get.

7 Which are your favourite parts of a woman’s body?
Guess you want to get graphic.  Ok…Face, pussy, butt, breasts, legs, arms, hands, feet, hands, armpits, knees, back of the neck.  I don’t really have a *fetish* for a particular body part.  I like different parts of different women’s bodies.  Almost every woman has her assets that could potentially (with the right amount of alcohol) turn me on.

8 Which are your favourite parts of a man’s body?
 Same as woman’s, except cock instead of pussy and chest instead of breasts.  Balls can also be fun to play with in various ways. Funny, there is no corresponding part of a woman that is quite that vulnerable.  That’s one reason certain men enslaved women for so many millennia: fear of ball-busting.

9 Which seductress/courtesan in history would you most like to have been? 

Cleopatra without the suicide.  Or Queen Esther (without all the revenge killing at the end of the Purim story). Victoria Woodhull who, along with her sister Tennessee Clafflin, seduced Cornelius Vanderbilt, made a fortune on Wall Street, passionately promoted “Free Love” and ran for President of the United States in 1872, before women were even allowed to vote.  Moving right along into the 20th century, Mae West for her brilliant wit, revolutionary independence, sexy outfits and glorious, over-the-top hats.

10 What do you like most about making love to a man?
His passion, strength and desire

11 What do you like most about making love to a woman?
Her playfulness and sensuality
Caveat: Sometimes I like women who are passionate and strong and men who are playful and sensuous.  I don’t believe that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  We’re both from this beautiful wild sexual planet earth and we’re far more alike than we are different.

12 What are your favourite names for the vagina and the penis and which don’t you like?
 I suppose “pussy” and “cock” are the default terms I use most often.  Though I often mix it up,  I use the clinical “penis” and “vagina” (and “vulva” for the outside of the female genitalia) when wearing my doctor’s hat, the more vulgar “cunt” and “dick” when I’m “talking dirty,” as well as using “va-jay-jay” or “peepee” or “Miss Pussle” or “Mr. Penoos” when I’m trying to be cute.  As a sex therapist, I hear all kinds of terms and I have no particular prejudices against any of them.  It’s all in the context.

13 What’s the worst thing someone can say and do after making love?
I dunno, turn into a vampire and bite me?  Nah, that’s not so bad; turning into a zombie and eating me, that would probably be the worst.

14 How many times do you masturbate in a day? Are you more sex toys or fingers?
That depends on whether I’ve had sex that day.  I try to have at least an orgasm a day, through partner sex or masturbation.  I use both sex toys and fingers–vibrators when I’m in a hurry, fingers when I want a longer build-up and more intense climax. And then there are my lovely glass and steel dildos for deeper, more elaborate masturbatory sessions.

15 What’s your favourite type of penis and vagina?
 I enjoy all kinds of penises—both personally and professionally (remember, I’m a sex therapist).  But I’m rather partial towards uncircumcised cocks because that’s the natural organic state of the male genitalia.  I don’t mean to offend any circumcised guys out there or any of the major religions that practice circumcision as a sacred duty to God.  But I don’t think it’s right for parents, doctors, religious leaders or other authorities to mutilate children’s genitals any more than it is for them to cut off their little finger.  In addition, I like to play erotically with the foreskin, pulling it up and down, before the cock is completely erect.  Moreover, a penis protected by foreskin while it’s soft will be that much more sensitive when it gets hard….Of course, I prefer uncircumcised vulvas too!

16 What are turnoffs for you?
The worst turnoff is a bad smell.  I can ignore a lot of faults in a partner, but not a gross, gag-worthy aroma.  Unless I’m super sloshed on Agwa de Bolivia Coco Leaf Liqueur, in which case everyone smells and tastes great.  Ummm….another “turn-off” would be any kind of nonconsensual activity, violence and, of course, war.  I’m a “Make Love Not War” kinda gal.

17 If you could be reincarnated as an animal, not a Bonobo, which would it be?
Aw…why can’t I be a bonobo?  I love my pet snake Eve, but I don’t really want to be a reptile.   I really have to be a bonobo.  But on second reading of your question, I have to say: I’ll just be me again.  After all, I’m already an animal.

18 If you were to be denied any form of sexual gratification how long do you think you could last?
I can’t imagine being “denied any form of sexual gratification” as long as I’m alive because I find “sexual gratification” in just living, breathing, being, just feeling my body pulsing with life.  I can be happily eroticized by nothing but my fantasies and the ability to internally contract my pubococcygeus muscles.  Moreover, denial, when incorporated romantically into “tease and denial,” can sometimes be more erotic than gratification itself.  On the other hand, I’m always on the hunt for new erotic adventures, new lovers and new forms of sexual gratification, and I can get pretty peeved with anyone who tries to deny me that “right .“  But I have to clarify: Am I denying myself or is some other, more powerful force denying me the gratification?  Am I successfully avoiding answering this question? Moving right along…

19 If you could have a sexual superpower which would it be?
 I’d like to have the power to give everyone and anyone pleasure in whatever particular personal way they need to receive it.  There are two ways to gain power: 1) through fear and 2) through love.  I can’t say I never wield power through fear (you should have seen me in court when I sued and won a settlement against the LAPD for infringement of my 1st and 4thAmendment Rights), but I prefer gaining it through love and pleasure.  The power to give pleasure is the greatest power we have.   Dr. Suzy, Super Pleasure-Giver: that’s the kind of sexual superhero I’d love to be.

20 Where can people find Dr Suzy on the net?

You can also call me anytime 24/7 for business or pleasure, therapy or just to talk with someone about something you can’t talk about with anyone else.  To inquire about telephone sex therapy with the Dr. Susan Block Institute, call 213.291.9497 or 1-866-207-7521.  For all other inquiries, call 213.670.0066.

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