Dream a little dream of me

Ya know I thought South was fishing, but today when I went to the store to get groceries, I saw this and now I’m not so sure…

You see that sweet little puppy up above? You know what that signifies? If I’m good enough to update your site, I’m good enough to jill off in your condo! Don’t piss with a Goddess.

Last night I dreamt that I was being chased into a long tunnel by VideoEd’s erection. I have no idea what that means, but let’s just hope its not a recurring theme in tonight’s dreams. I have to tell you though, last night when Ed was helping me with this ftp crap, we had to download a program and <gloating here> I had it downloaded and installed with plenty of time to jill off and Ed’s like, “Give me a few, I’m at 34%…” LOL. He’s got a measly 56K connection. Ed lives in the ghetto…the internet ghetto! And I can make fun of him….for the next three months anyway. Then I’ll be back in the ghetto wid’em.

It took them several months and several lunches, but Den over at Cavr.com and Richard Freeman of Batteries Not Included, have come up with a Top 50 Female Stars list that you’ll want to check out. I’m guessing a Top 50 Male Stars would only take one lunch and a few minutes to complete. Don’t forget to drop Den a line and tell him what you think of his choices. Personally, I think he was pretty much right on the money.

If you need a laugh on these hot nights, give a listen to Steven Lynch’s “Why Mommy Left Us.” The song is hysterical. Now I am not suggesting you rush right over to AudioGalaxy and steal a copy of the song. That would be so very wrong. Fast and easy and free, but so very wrong.

Speaking of hot nights, my favorite line this time of year is, “Is it hot enough for you?” No, I’m not happy unless I can fry an egg on my forehead.

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