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Dromebox Labs releases Episode 5 begins preproduction of Episode 6 of the Jack Jimminy Show

Dromebox Laboratories debuted Episode 5 of the Jack Jimminy Show last night {April 17th} on and will be available today on-demand at .

Directed by Nolan Silverstein & Delilah Soup, the Episode stars Chloe Amour, Evan Stone, B.J. Averell, Nolan Silverstein, Adam Papagan and Karen Centerfold.

“I could not be more proud of our talented cast and crew” explains Nolan Silverstein,.” Appearances from Chloe Amour and Evan Stone really boosted our cast’s performance and made for some top-notch comedy!.”

Preproduction on Episode 6 begins this week, “We knew from the start that the Jack Jimminy world and cast of characters would take five episodes to lay out.” says Nolan. “Now that we’ve established our universe we are ready to really get to know the life, times, and troubles of everyones favorite porn extra Jack Jimmy.”.

Performers interested in appearing on the Jack Jimminy comedy series, please contact Nolan at: [email protected]

Full episodes are available on-demand at

Production Inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

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