Porn News


In a new video being classified as a “NSFW episode of Planet Earth”, porn production has been, quite literally, elevated to new heights. This new production entitled “Drone Boning” will make you gasp in pleasure at the beautiful sights (and sounds, with a beautiful soundtrack accompanying the video) as a flying drone captures wonderful landscapes manscapes in action. See for yourself, yer gonna wanna fullscreen this!


The scenes were shot on a Panasonic GH4 capable of capturing 4K video. Apparently during shooting they had lookouts, a whole blanket team, to ensure the shots were pulled off without any issues. This would seem necessary when your goal is to photograph people defiling beautiful, sacred spots of nature! Anyway, this shit definitely has a pleasing demeanor; I found myself smiling and giggling throughout its entirety. Hopefully they turn this into a series of sorts!



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